Can Cresselia Be Shiny in Pokemon GO? Answered

Wondering if you can catch a Shiny Cresselia in Pokemon GO? We've got your answer.

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Cresselia is a Legendary Pokemon that you can catch in Pokemon GO. With imagery said to represent a crescent moon, it’s no wonder it’s called the Lunar Pokemon. Whether you prefer the Shiny version or are a Shiny hunter looking to expand your collection, this is what you need to know about Shiny Cresselia in Pokemon GO.

Can You Catch a Shiny Cresselia in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Shiny Cresselia is live in Pokemon GO. However, its spawn rate is 1 in 20, due to its Legendary status. While this seems like a great rate for a shiny, the only way to catch a Cresselia is to defeat it in a Raid. You won’t have as many opportunities to catch a Shiny Cresselia as Pokemon out on the field. If you can be victorious in multiple Raids against it, your chances of encountering a Shiny Cresselia are pretty good. It just takes time, and potential item investment, to get the odds in your favor.

Like most of the Pokemon you take on during 5-Star Raids, Cresselia does vary some from other Pokemon games. In this Pokemon GO raid, Cresselia can have an Ice move, a Fairy move, and a Grass move in its moveset. Check out my guide on the Cresselia 5-Star Raid for further details on what to look out for should you challenge the Lunar Pokemon.

Catching a Shiny Cresselia may take you some time and a bit of luck, but it’s possible in Pokemon GO. Check out our full Pokemon GO guide library if you’re wondering what other Pokemon may be Shiny in game. We also have raid guides, event walkthroughs and more.

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