Can Pals Evolve Like Pokemon in Palworld?

Can you evolve your favorite Pals in Palworld? Read on to find out.

Two Palworld Pals drinking from a pond
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It’s almost expected for a game with monster collecting to include some sort of evolution, but some of them break the mold. Here, I’ll tell you whether Pals can evolve in Palworld. After all, you want the best Pals you can get.

Does Palworld Have Pal Evolution? Fusion As An Alternative

Both Pokemon and Digimon can evolve (or Digivolve, in the latter’s case). So, the automatic assumption is that Pals can too, but the reality is a little different. Unfortunately, Pals can’t evolve in Palworld. Rather than using Pal evolution, we breed Pals and get different variants through fusion.

There are 111 Pals in Palworld during its Early Access release. All of them can be bred together. That doesn’t give you a brand-new Pal, however. There are a number of Pals available exclusively through breeding, which are known as Fusion Pals. Most of them are elemental variants of Pals found in your travels. You won’t see a fire element Dazzi out there, but breeding one is possible.

The player and his Pal shooting a gun in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

Evolving Pokemon has always been one of the main draws and progression motivations in the Nintendo series. Palworld very clearly draws a lot of inspiration from it, including Shiny variants (known as Lucky Pals), but the Pokemon series’ evolution mechanics haven’t been brought over.

Being able to fuse them together is more dynamic than evolution, and gives way to more possibilities. The community will surely dig up every single possibility soon enough.

While you can’t evolve Pals in Palworld, at least you can breed them and try to get new combinations with boosted stats and unique elemental combinations. Maybe Pocketpair will add more variants to earn through fusion as the game progresses through Early Access. Check out more of our Palworld guides here on GameSkinny, such as our guide to all Pals and elements or whether the game is coming out on PS4 or PS5.

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