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Can Turtonator be Shiny in Pokemon GO? Answered

The latest debut in Pokemon GO is the blast turtle Pokemon.

Turtonator has been released into the world of Pokemon GO with the start of the Dark Flames event. First introduced into Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it’s the Alolan Pokemon partner of Kiawe. With it being a new Pokemon to Pokemon GO, can Turtonator be shiny? Here’s the answer.

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Can you Catch a Shiny Turtonator in Pokemon GO? Answered

There are a few things to know about Turtonator’s debut in PoGO.

  • Appears in 3-Star Raids.
  • Can appear as a Pokemon Encounter when completing Field Research.
  • Appeared as the Pokemon reward for the final stage of the Dark Flames Timed Research event.
  • Is available as a Shiny immediately.

Unlike previous Pokemon debuts that have happened in the past, Turtonator’s Shiny version is immediately available for capture. Instead of the red edge color and highlights, Shiny Turtonator features brown coloring. The yellow doesn’t change in it’s pattern, as well as the tips of the spikes on it’s shell. I personally like the bright red and yellow combo since my eyes aren’t what they used to be, especially when viewing a Pokemon on my phone. I do love collecting Shiny Pokemon, however, and will be trying for this one myself.

Turtonator is available as a Pokemon Encounter after completing the Timed Research for Dark Flames, or when completing Field Research. It’s also appearing as a 3-Star Raid Pokemon during the event. Whether it will start popping up in the wild after the event remains to be seen. Since it’s having an apparent limited release in Pokemon GO, it makes sense that Turtonator’s Shiny version would also be available.

Turtonator’s a Fire/Dragon Pokemon, which makes it resistant to many types of attacks. It also causes it to no longer be weak to Water attacks, which many may try to employ when facing this shelled Pokemon down. For those needing a strong Fire Pokemon, keep an eye on 3-Star Raids for this explosive debut.

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