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Can You Change Appearance After Character Creation in Palworld?

How your character looks is important. Can you change your character appearance in Palworld?

Pals come in all shapes and sizes, and so do player characters. The game’s sliders allow for a lot of creativity within the character creator, and some of the results are gut-busting (or horrifying). But can you change appearance in Palworld after character creation?

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Is it Possible to Change My Appearance After Character Creation?

No one could blame you for making a funny-looking character. You might want to wait, though. Despite the character creation options, you can’t change your character appearance in Palworld after making your character. You’re stuck with what you’ve made at the start of your save, at least for now.

Character creation is a process some people take seriously, and some a little (or a lot) less so. Palworld lets you make some decent-looking characters and also allows you the freedom to make some monstrosities. Every content creator I watch has taken the latter route, giving their characters minimum and maximum slider values for funny results.

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Will Pocketpair Add the Ability to Change Character Appearance in Palworld?

Though you can’t edit your characters during Palworld‘s Early Access period, the feature is coming. When making a character, a notification at the top of the character creation screen says the ability to change character appearance will be added in a later patch.

With this all in mind, make sure you’re happy with at least your primary character’s appearance before locking it in. Since you can’t change appearance after character creation in Palworld yet, you’ll be stuck with it for a long time. But you might be a bit of an alt-holic like me and make more characters than you can count. Look for more Palworld guides here on GameSkinny, because we’re all about making new Pals. Check out our Pokemon vs. Palworld comparison or our elements guide.

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