Can You Have Animals in Palia? Answered

If you're looking to raise animals in Palia, can you?

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Raising animals such as cows, chickens, and sheep, is a mainstay of the farming sim genre. Palia has such animals, though a bit different due to the fantasy nature of the game. But can you raise them? For those looking to create a ranch or just want to stop buying eggs from Zeki, this is an important question. If you’re wondering if you can have animals in Palia, here’s the answer.

Can You Raise Animals in Palia? Answered

Regarding animals in Palia, the most you can have is fish in your inventory and bugs in your terrarium. Unfortunately, that means the closest you’re getting to any Ormuus is on the Family Farm. This doesn’t mean that raising livestock won’t be a thing in the future, though.

Farming and ranching are some of the most popular aspects of these types of games. Palia already has livestock set up that produce eggs and milk. You can purchase these items, along with butter, from Zeki. It could be safe to assume that a future update, maybe the one that introduces more plot customization that was announced, would include the ability to own livestock.

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Are There Pets in Palia?

It’s been noted that the dev team really likes the idea of pets. Whether it’s having more NPCs that have pets to join Tau or letting players own pets, I’m not quite sure. But the team has discussed their love of the idea. So we could possibly see a shift away from livestock into pet ownership. Maybe a dash of Tamagochi or Neopets type gameplay would make its way to Kilima Valley.

While it’s safe to say the dev team has plans for the future of Palia, and they often listen to the fanbase, it hasn’t been confirmed that there will be ranching and livestock options in the game. I highly doubt they’ll not include such a clamored-after feature. However, it may not be the way we are used to having it in other games.

Once more information about animals in Palia is unveiled, we’ll make sure to update you. In the meantime, check out our growing Palia guides page. We’ve got everything on how to catch fish, how to romance Hassian, and where you can get silk thread.

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