Harry Potter Magic Awakened: How to Play on PC

There are options if you want to play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC.

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Wondering how to play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC? You’re not alone. The newest game in the Potterverse has been released globally for iOS and Android devices, but you may not want to deal with a small screen or mobile controls. The game is currently available to download on PC in Asia, Oceania, and Africa, but is it available in other regions, too? Here’s how to play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC Explained

According to the WB Games Support in the FAQ for Harry Potter Magic Awakened, the PC versions for North America, South America, and Europe are still being finalized, and more details will be revealed as they come available. That’s a bit misleading, though, since the game can be played on PC right now, no matter your region.

How to Play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC

Currently, you can play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC by heading to the Magic Awakened global launch page. From there, you’ll be able to download the Loading Bay launcher from NetEases and the game.

Here’s how to play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC:

  • Go to the Global Launch page linked above. It’s the only place to find the PC download option for Magic Awakened.
  • Download the game by clicking the gold “PC Download” icon on the left side of the page.
  • Allow it to access your local network if your firewall attempts to block it (mine did).
  • Sign in as a guest, make a NetEase account, or log into your NetEase account.
    • If you’re in Australia, Africa, or Asia, you’ll get an option to bind it to your mobile WB Games account to allow for cross-save and cross-progression.
  • Install Harry Potter Magic Awakened in the launcher, then launch the game.
  • In-game, choose your language and the relevant server for your area.
    • I chose an unlocked region to test out the binding process, which just had me select the Gmail account linked to my mobile games. It was an extremely simple process.
  • If your game audio defaults to Japanese or another language, you can change it by going to System Settings, then Basic. Then, scroll down to Language Settings and select another audio language.

The only caveat is that players in North America, South America, and Europe won’t be able to bind their mobile gaming account to their NetEase account. Mobile players sign in with a WB Games account, while PC players must sign in with a NetEase account for the time being.

If you don’t want to wait for the official PC client to be available worldwide or in your region but want to take advantage of cross-platform progression, there is another option: emulating. It’s possible to use Android emulators like Bluestacks to play the game on your computer without having to wait.

That’s how to play Harry Potter Magic Awakened on PC. For those already in-game, check out our growing hub of Harry Potter Magic Awakened guides for any tips and tricks to get started, including how to claim your pre-registration rewards.

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