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Can You Play Songs of Silence on Steam Deck?

Here's whether or not you can play Songs of Silence on Steam Deck and the type of experience you can expect.

Songs of Silence is a story-rich adventure game set in a fantasy world. You embark on a fun-filled journey filled with intense battles. If you think that sounds like the perfect Steam Deck game, then you’re right! However, the store page for Songs of Silence does not mention that it is playable on Steam Deck or has an official rating from Valve. Here’s whether or not you can play Songs of Silence on Steam Deck and what you can expect from the experience.

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Is Songs of Silence Steam Deck Compatible?

Yes, you can play Songs of Silence on Steam Deck despite the absence of an official Steam Deck rating on the game’s store page. Its small download size makes it quick to add to your Steam Deck, and it runs flawlessly straight out of the box without the need for modifications. I didn’t have to change the game’s Proton Compatibility or any in-game graphics for it to run.

However, I did have my Steam Deck’s Refresh Rate and Framerate Limit set to 60 for other games like Killer Klowns From Outer Space, but I found that is the best practice for any game you are attempting to play on the Steam Deck anyways. All cutscenes, menus, in-game special effects, and music functioned perfectly. There were no drops in FPS, lagging, or issues during large-scale battles.

One aspect to consider is that since Songs of Silence doesn’t have a Steam Deck rating, you’re limited to the Default controller configuration, which conflicts with the game’s default mouse and keyboard setup, meaning the game treats you as if you were playing with a mouse and keyboard. Because of this, the in-game button prompts and control scheme will reflect this. For example, a cutscene will prompt you to skip it by pressing the Esc key, which you can do by using the B key on the Steam Deck.

To replace the mouse, you’ll need to use the left joystick to control the mouse cursor. Then, to select units by ‘left clicking with your mouse,’ you press the A button. If you need to right-click to move units, press the X button. Admittedly, the current control scheme may require some adjustment. However, with practice, controlling your units, navigating the interface, and operating the game will become second nature.

Now that you know if you can play Songs of Silence on Steam Deck, you’ll get to enjoy the intense battles where you like to play your Steam Deck. Check out our Steam Deck hub for more guides like The Top 10 Unverified Steam Deck Games That Run Great to discover even more titles to play on your handheld device.

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