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Can You Romance Multiple Companions in Fallout 4?

Here's whether or not you can romance multiple companions in Fallout 4 and the benefits of doing so.

In Fallout 4, you can start romantic relationships with various NPCs and companions of The Commonwealth after reaching a specific Affinity level with them. What’s more, you’ll gain more than just a night of bumpin’ uglies; you’ll also gain a Companion Perk that will benefit the game’s various mechanics. These perks may make you ask if you can romance multiple Fallout 4 characters to gain multiple Companion Perks at once. Here’s the answer to that burning question and if there are benefits of doing so.

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Can You Romance Multiple Characters in Fallout 4?

Picture for the Never Go It Alone Trophy\Achievement in Fallout 4.
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Yes, you can romance multiple companions in Fallout 4. In fact, you can romance all characters at once if you want to. However, be cautious not to flirt with another companion close by, especially one you’ve already romanced. Flirting in front of them with another companion can damage your relationship with them. You’ll notice this when you reach affinity speeches while talking to a different companion. To avoid this, ensure you’re away from any previously romanced characters when flirting with a new one. Otherwise, they’ll react negatively to your actions, and you’ll get a “[Companion Name] hate that” message onscreen.

All Romance Options in Fallout 4 Ranked

Talking to Cait, one of the ten companions you can romance, in Fallout 4.
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Who knew Fallout 4 was really just a post-apocalyptic dating sim in disguise? Romancing companions does have its perks, though, quite literally. Anytime you take them on a date or sleep with them, you’ll gain a perk, sometimes only temporary, that provides powerful bonuses to your character.

The table below shows all romance options in Fallout 4, ranked on the perks they provide to you when romanced.

RankingCompanion NamePerk NamePerk Benefit
10Gilda BroscoeLover’s EmbraceFor eight hours in-game, you’ll gain an additional 15% experience from all sources.
9MagnoliaLover’s EmbraceFor eight hours in-game, you’ll gain an additional 15% experience from all sources.
8HancockIsodopedWhen you have at least 250 RADs, your critical meter will fill 20% quicker.
7CaitTrigger RushWhen your health drops to 25% or less, your Action Points will regenerate 25% faster.
6Curie Combat MedicOnce per day, you’ll health will be restored to full when it drops below 10%.
5PrestonUnited We StandWhen fighting against three or more foes at once, your damage dealt is increased by 20%, and you gain 20 Damage Resistance.
4Paladin DanseKnow Your EnemyReceive 20% bonus damage against Super Mutants, Ghouls, and Synths.
3MacCreadyKill ShotWhen using Vats, you’ll Gain an additional 20% chance of successful headshots
2PiperGift of GabGain bonus experience when discovering new areas and passing Persuasion checks
1Porter GageLessons in BloodGain 5% additional experience each kill and ten additional Damage Resistance.

Now that you know you can romance multiple characters in Fallout 4, you’ll quickly become the most loved Vault Dweller ever to walk the Wasteland. Check out our Fallout 4 hub for more guides like how to Craft Ammunition Plant for Unlimited Ammo so you never run out of ammo when defending those companions you love so much.

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