Can You Save Chris in The Quarry?

Chris Hackett is an important part of the story in The Quarry. But can you save him?

Chris Hackett is an important part of the story in The Quarry. But can you save him?
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Keeping characters alive or sending them to their demise is half the fun of The Quarry. Aside from the nine camp counselors, six members of the Hackett family can survive the night, along with one other character we only meet later in the game. So if you’re wondering if you can save Chris Hackett, the answer is yes! 

We’ll keep spoilers here to a minimum, only conveying the actions that are absolutely necessary to keep Chris from pushing daisies. Still, proceed at your own risk. Here’s how to save him. 

The decision you must make to save THE Chris Hackett comes late in Chapter 9: The Matriarch. You’ll play as Laura and Ryan in the Hackett House throughout this chapter.

Near the end, you’ll find your way into the attic and make a discovery. After falling through the floor, all hell breaks loose, with a handful of characters collecting in a single spot. (Note: Here’s where the spoilers really are.)

As Ryan, you’ll have the chance to shoot monster Chris in this section. If you want to save Dewey, erm, Mr. Hackett, choose not to shoot. This decision, however, dooms Ryan and is best done when trying to get the worst ending by killing all of the counselors. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to get all of the clues or tarot cards by going this route either since some deaths lock certain paths. 

There is no trophy/achievement for keeping the Hacketts alive or saving Chris, but it does provide a slightly different ending, causing some characters to remain infected. If you want to keep all of the counselors alive, you won’t be able to make this choice in Chapter 9. For more on The Quarry, check out our review of the Until Dawn spiritual successor

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