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Celestial Ascension Roblox Trello and Discord Links (UPDATED)

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If you are into Celestial Ascension: The Immortal’s Path in Roblox, you might be interested in joining the official Trello and Discord. In there, you can get valuable information about the game updates, free rewards, and many more things. Here’s how to find the Celestial Ascension Trello and Discord.

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What Is Celestial Ascension in Roblox?

Celestial Ascension is a popular Roblox Experience inspired by the Xianxia genre, where you are supposed to train and elevate yourself into a “higher being.” Xianxia genre games draw inspiration from Chinese mythology, religion, and history, and the genre indeed seems to be picking up the pace lately, so make sure to check out this Roblox game.

How to Join Celestial Ascension Trello

The developers of Celestial Ascension have posted a public Trello board, where you can find various general information, as well as specifics such as the list of Realms, Towns, NPC locations, Zones, Weapons, Combat and Magic skills, Crafting, Alchemy, etc. Look no further and hop on to the Celestial Ascension: The Immortal’s Path Trello. This Trello board does not require you to have a Trello account at this moment.

How to Join Celestial Ascension Discord

Luckily enough, there is an official Celestial Ascension: The Immortal’s Path Discord server that you can join as well. On the Celestial Ascension Discord, you will be able to find official announcements regarding the game, sneak peeks of upcoming content and updates, a FAQ section that should be very helpful to you if you are new to the game, giveaways, and you’ll be able to trade as well. If you feel like it, you can always use the Celestial Ascension: The Immortal’s Path Discord invite link and join in for free.

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