Chasm – Secret Boss Item Drop Guide

A treasure trove of secret weapons and armor await in Chasm... if you've got the skills to beat bosses without ever getting hit!

A treasure trove of secret weapons and armor await in Chasm... if you've got the skills to beat bosses without ever getting hit!

Its an old school Metroidvania wonderland right now as 8-bit classic titles like Chasm consistently land on Steam and consoles thanks to dedicated fans taking part in crowd funding campaigns. 

As if these slow combat platformers weren’t hard enough already, Chasm features another level of strategy for players who are willing to absolutely master the control scheme.

If you manage to defeat the game’s various bosses without taking any damage at all — you literally can’t get hit even one single time during the fight — you will be rewarded with secret item drops.

Its not just bragging rights to say you beat impossible bosses while taking no damage either, as the weapons that drop from each boss can radically change your play experience if you manage to get them on the first playthrough.

Chasm Secret Boss Drops

Each boss has a specific secret drop, but note that these drops don’t apply to mini-bosses like the death knight, cave troll, or bone devil. Only the actual main area bosses like the Wendigo, King Trell, and so on have a secret drop list.

Thankfully, most bosses have a save room directly before the battle, so you don’t need to do much backtracking if you get hit and want to try again. The game’s old school controls are you biggest hurdle here, as you really need to have the input delay and temporary movement cool down memorized if you want to avoid taking damage in these boss fights.

Each boss below has some specific tips on how to avoid taking damage while completing the fight.

Boss: Wendigo
  • Location: Mines
  • Secret Drop: Wendigo’s Claw

The game’s first boss has a very clear pattern that is easily recognizable if you take a moment to learn his movements. Wait for his eyes to appear and dodge backwards to avoid the claw attack, then get in a few swings.

Don’t get too close when he growls and shakes so you can jump up and out of the way when he charges. Use your fastest, strongest attacks and you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting this one without any hits after a few tries. 

 Wendigo Boss

Boss: King Trell
  • Location: Keep
  • Secret Drop: Trell’s Sword

Keep King Trell towards the middle of the room so you can quickly dodge out of the way of his outward light strobe attacks that run along the ground. Before that attack, use a backwards jumping strike pattern to hit three times and then dodge his sword strike or slide away from his spin attack.

If you want to try a new melee weapon this one can be worth the effort, although the swing is a good deal slower than other weapons so it takes some time to master the moveset.

 King Trell Boss

Boss: Shaman
  • Location: Temple
  • Drop: Shaman’s Axe

This boss fight is all about jumping and slide in circular patterns to avoid projectiles and flying strikes. Jump up and parachute down slowly when the flock of birds arrive or you will hit them as you fall.

 Shaman Boss

Boss: Bone Worm
  • Location: Catacombs
  • Drop: Bone Worm Armor

An easy way to take this one on is with your longest range weapon and play defensively if you want to complete the battle without getting hit. If you have mastered quick knife skills and dodging, however, then melee is the way to go.

The Bone Armor isn’t as useful as some of the other weapons though, as hit and run tactics tend to work better in this game than being able to withstand more damage when getting hit repeatedly.

 Bone Worm Boss

Boss: Titan
  • Location: Garden
  • Drop: Titan’s Hammer

This boss sends out tons of projectiles, so its all about the movement and dodging here. Get in attacks when you can, but mostly focus on avoiding the endless waves of flying projectiles. This one is well worth the effort, though, as the Titan’s Hammer shoots off a ground-based shockwave attack at enemies for no magic point cost.

 Titan Boss

Those are all the secret no-hit Chasm boss drops we’ve discovered so far in this procedurally generated Metroidvania game. Did you come across any others, or have any tips on how to beat these bosses easily without getting hit? Sound off in the comments below!

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