Here is a tier list of the best characters in Chrono Cross Remaster, including tips on how to find and recruit them.

Chrono Cross Remaster: Best Characters Tier List Guide

Here is a tier list of the best characters in Chrono Cross Remaster, including tips on how to find and recruit them.
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Players can recruit a vast number of characters in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers Edition. Some of these characters are necessary for the development of the story, but others can be easily missed. 

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This tier list guide will showcase all the best characters in Chrono Cross Remaster. You will learn about their biggest upsides, strongest weapons and skills, as well as how to find and recruit them.

Chrono Cross Remaster: S-Tier Characters


  • Element: White
  • Weapon: Swallow

Serge is still the best character in the game, as he should be.

He has access to the strongest weapon in the game, which is his MasterMune swallow, and his critical damage can be absolutely obliterating to any ordinary enemy or even a boss.

Since Serge is the main protagonist of the game, you simply must recruit him at the beginning of the game.


  • Element: Blue
  • Weapon: Sword

Fargo is another must-have character in Chrono Cross Remaster, and not only because of his immense damage. His Pillage skill, which unlocks at Level 3, and allows you to steal enemy’s loot.

The Pillage skill is absolutely necessary for obtaining Dragon Plates, which absorb Elements.

You can recruit Fargo during the “Return to Hermit’s Hideaway” main quest.


  • Element: Green
  • Weapon: Sword

If you wish to focus entirely on DPS and powerful skills and techniques, then Glenn would be the best choice due to his dual Einlanzer sword.

It’ll take some time to get to the dual-wielding Glenn, but once you have him, this character will become the most valuable offense member of your party.

You need to pay attention if you want to recruit Glenn, or you may lose him entirely. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. During Guldove chapter, refuse Kid to help with Hydra Humour
  2. Go back to Termina by boat
  3. Listen to the Glenn’s conversation at the town entrance
  4. Go back to the boat and let Glenn join you

A-Tier Characters


  • Element: Green
  • Weapon: Axe

Just like Fargo, Karsh has a massive DPS potential when he’s using his Rainbow Axe. But his biggest upside is a huge HP pool, which allows him to withstand almost any battle.

His best skill is Axiomatic, which allows you to spin your axe, charging it up for a final blow that deals excruciating amount of damage.

Karsh can be recruited at the same spot as Fargo during the “Return to Hermit’s Hideaway” main quest.


  • Element: Yellow
  • Weapon: Axe

Similar to Karsh but yellow in element, Leah is also one of the best characters for damage dealing. Also, her HP pool isn’t as large as that of Karsh.

But you can team her up with Draggy, and perform one of the strongest combos in the game, involving Big Breath and Triple Kicks, resulting in what’s called the Dragon Rider skill.

Leah can be found and recruited inside Gaea’s Navel at Home World.


  • Element: Black
  • Weapon: Shot

Here is the best support character in the game, possessing skills that buff both physical and magical defenses of her allies.

But this doesn’t mean that she can’t deal damage, on the contrary, her Moon Beams and Lunalretic skills can easily compete with some of the strongest attacks of the top tier characters.

Harle’s only drawback is that she may not stay with your party for too long. If you’re still interested in recruiting her, then you can do it at the Dimensional Vortex.

B-Tier Characters


  • Element: Red
  • Weapon: Dagger

Although Kid’s Pilfer skill isn’t as effective as Fargo’s Pillage, you can still use her well to get some unique items during your playthrough.

She is also very capable with her Prism Dagger, and can combo with Mel, Serge, and Sprigg for some exciting double and triple techniques.

Unfortunately, Kid will not be available to you for a large chunk of the game, similarly to Harle.


  • Element: White
  • Weapon: Gun

Starky has a lot of potential earlier in the game, but later on you will want to have a stronger gun user that you can pass Starky’s unique weapon onto.

You can recruit Starky only after you defeat him at the Sky Dragon Isle. At first, he will appear as a monstrous enemy, but once defeated, he reveals his true identity.


  • Element: Blue
  • Weapon: Kitchen Utensils

Any person who played the original Chrono Cross knows that magic is not the main power source in this game. Although Leena is predominantly a magic caster, she has two special skills that can really make you consider her for your party.

One of these skills is Maiden Heart, which restores all of her elements, and the other one is Maiden Faith, which revives her from the dead. Both of these skills can be extremely useful in your playthrough.

Those are the best characters tier list for Chrono Cross Remaster. Check out our other Chrono Cross Remaster guides.

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