The Clash Royale Heal spell has been removed from the game, replaced by a far more effective Heal Spirit card. Here's how to play it.

Clash Royale Heal Spirit Stats and How to Use It in Your Deck

The Clash Royale Heal spell has been removed from the game, replaced by a far more effective Heal Spirit card. Here's how to play it.

The Clash Royale Heal spell is no more, but its spirit lives on. Quite literally, in fact: Supercell has replaced the card with the Heal Spirit, which is a 1 Elixer healing power that improves the health of nearby troops when attacking an enemy.

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Heal Spirit has automatically entered players’ decks, so there is no need to find it through chests or challenges, and it exists at the same upgrade level as the Heal spell so that players don’t lose any gold.

Why Did Clash Royale Get Rid of the Heal Spell?

It’s widely agreed among players that the Heal spell was the worst card in the game, and it was almost never used. Though changing from a Heal spell to a Heal Spirit seems minor, the difference in effectiveness is already noticeable.

Not only does the Heal Spell deliver both damage to enemies and health to friendlies, its healing abilities are also far superior to that of the Heal spell. Whereas the Heal spell delivered 94 health per second (lasting a duration of two seconds) at max level, the Heal Spirit delivers 532 health at max level (along with 132 damage).

Of course, there is a trade-off. Since it is a spirit and not a spell, Heal Spirit can be killed before its effect comes into play. It only provides nearby troops with health points when it attacks an enemy troop, so players will be able to easily counter it with other low elixir spells like Zap and Log.

Still, it’s already proving to be a far more useful card than its discarded spell counterpart. So how can you get the most out of using Heal Spirit in your Clash Royale deck? While specific deck suggestions will vary based on the upgrade level at which you have other cards, there are some general tips for using it in your deck.

Heal Spirit Strategies for Clash Royale Decks

1. Pair Heal Spirit with high damage-dealing troops

Heal Spirit may only cost 1 Elixir, but that doesn’t mean it should be wasted. Though everyone has their own playing style and will no doubt find unique ways to use the card, what we’ve seen from Heal Spirit so far is that it may be best when paired with high-damage and high-hp cards, ones that can do some serious harm if they reach the enemy tower.

Such cards include P.E.K.K.A., Mini P.E.K.K.A., Hog Rider, and Giant Skeleton. The reason these pair so well with Heal Spirit is that even just one hit on the tower from these types can be devastating. For the price of just 1 Elixir, Heal Spirit can dispense that little bit of extra health to give Hog Rider one more hit on the tower or give Giant Skeleton just enough time to get near enough to the tower for its bomb to deal serious damage.

2. Don’t leave Heal Spirit as the only spell bait in your deck

Heal Spirit may be a spell type card, but like other spirit cards such as Fire Spirit or Ice Spirit, it can be countered. Therefore, it may not be wise to include Heal Spirit as your only spell bait card.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your opponent is waiting to use their Zap, Log, or Arrows as soon as you’ve played your Heal Spirit card. Instead, include a spell bait card in your deck to attract those low Elixir spells that can help you know when it’s safe (or at least “safer”) to play Heal Spirit.

In fact, spell bait decks are another strategy to consider using with Heal Spirit. For example, you can pair it with Goblin Gang or Goblin Barrel. Though they have low health individually, Heal Spirit will deliver health points to all the goblins in the card, resulting in several additional hits on enemy troops or a tower.

3. Max your healing capability with Heal Spirit, Battle Healer, and Mirror

Battle Healer is another relatively recent addition to Clash Royale decks, and like Heal Spirit, it delivers health points to nearby troops. This particular card emits health points whenever it is engaged with enemy troops, while also adding points to its own health bar. So there are now two cards at your disposal to heal troops with while in battle. Combine this with Mirror and you could potentially have three or more healing troops in the arena at one time.

If played wisely, this strategy could help you climb the crown ladder. That said, because it’s not exactly frugal with Elixir, you’re likely to have far more success with this strategy in 2x- or 3x-Elixir events, or the recent Infinite-Elixir Challenge.

This allows you to amass battle healers behind your front lines, which will heal nearby troops and themselves when in battle, effectively giving each Battle Healer extra health points when you have more than one in play at any given time. Then, roll in your Heal Spirit as necessary to deliver another burst of healing power. When played properly, it can be almost unstoppable in high elixir challenges.

Though it’s possible we’ll see Heal Spirit’s stats get adjusted in the near future when balance changes are made, it appears to be an impressive and useful addition to the Clash Royale card deck so far, and is without a doubt an improvement over its predecessor. Let us know your favorite strategy for playing Heal Spirit in the comments, and be sure to check out our other Clash Royale guides as well!

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