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CoD MW3: How to Fix Error 0x00001338 (12488)N

If you're experiencing crashes with error code 0x00001338 (12488)N in MW3, you're not alone. Here are some possible fixes for the issue.

From FOV bugs to glitched Dailies, troubles are running rampant in Activision’s latest Call of Duty installment. A particular problem is preventing PC users from running the game, but there are some possible fixes you can try to troubleshoot error code 0x00001338 (12488)N in Modern Warfare 3.

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How to Fix Error Code 0x00001338 (12488)N in MW3

It’s sad to say that most AAA launches are riddled with bugs these days. If you’re getting the 0x00001338 error code in MW3, your game has crashed for an unknown reason. Players have reported that this has occurred when launching campaign missions, MW3 Zombies, multiplayer matches, or just the game itself. It’s also primarily affecting Steam users. Even more perplexing, it’s affecting users who played the beta. Although there’s not a definitive fix, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot this issue:

Restart Your Game

This classic advice should always be your go-to before launching into more complicated troubleshooting methods. It’s a quick and easy software refresh, but that also means it’s less likely to fix anything substantial. In any case, try this first on the off-chance that it works.

Verify Your Game Files

The 0x00001338 crash pop-up actually advises you to do this the next time you start the game. To verify the integrity of your game files and ensure there aren’t corrupted files bogging down your system, do the following:

  • Go to your games library on Steam and right-click Modern Warfare 3.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Properties.”
  • Select “Installed Files” and click “Verify integrity of game files”
  • Wait as the program reviews the files.

Update Your Drivers

Outdated drivers might be impacting your game, which often happens when new releases arrive on the scene. To check if you’re running the latest drivers, head to:

Check the CoD MW3 Trello Board

Sledgehammer Games is tracking known issues in MW3, which you can see on the official trello board. It splits issues into multiplayer, Zombies, global, and resolved issues. At the time of writing, the error code 0x00001338 (12488)N isn’t on the board yet. So, I highly recommend reaching out to Activision Support’s website and the official Activision Support X account to bring this to their attention.

Reinstall Your Game

If all else fails, you might need to reinstall MW3 to give yourself a fresh start. If something went wrong during the original install, this could fix the problem. I generally avoid doing this unless I’ve exhausted all other options. If the error code persists, it could be a hardware issue, so you’ll want to double-check the system requirements for the game and also verify that your system is fully updated. However, if your PC is up to date and your files are clean, then it’s more likely that Sledgehammer Games is responsible for patching in a fix.

That covers possible fixes for error code 0x00001338 (12488)N in Modern Warfare 3. If you’re experiencing other issues with the game, such as the FOV glitch or Steam Ship Error, check out our dedicated guides hub for more assistance.

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