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CoD MW3 Zombies: How to Get Toxic Damage Kills

You'll need Toxic Damage Kills for daily challenges and the Camo Unlock challenge.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies isn’t as straightforward as we’d all like it to be. Toxic Damage is one of the many aspects that aren’t explained, and you’ll need to get it for the daily challenges. Find out how to get Toxic Damage kills in MWZ here.

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How to Get Toxic Damage Kills in MWZ

CoD MW3 is full of daily challenges, and the Zombies game mode is no exception. The Zombies daily challenges include 30 Toxic Damage Kills, which seems like a lot, especially when you don’t know how it works. Thankfully, it’s pretty effortless once you know what you’re doing. I discovered that Toxic Damage is possible from three items in MWZ.

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  • Experimental Gas
    • An explosive poison gas that inflicts Toxic Damage on enemies in the AoE. Unfortunately, the damage over time is low, so it’s not the best option on this list. To get kills, you should use it on enemies with low health.
  • Elemental Pop Soda
    • Grants a perk that applies a random Ammo Mod effect, so it’s low odds overall for this one. You’ll want the Brain Rot Ammo Mod for Toxic Damage kills.
  • Brain Rot Ammo Mod
    • The best option, the Brain Rot Ammo Mod will randomly inflict Brain Rot on a zombie you shoot. The Zombie will become an ally and attack nearby Zombies. These kills count as Toxic Damage kills. Obtain the mod from Aether Caches or Reward Rifts.

By far the best option available on this list is the Brain Rot Ammo Mod. I oftentimes choose to drop in with it because turning Zombies into teammates is an ideal advantage. It will also be the best option if you’re gunning for the Camo Unlock challenge that requires a whopping 250 Toxic Damage Kills.

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That’s how to get Toxic Damage Kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Check out our MW3 guides hub for tips like the best loadouts and how to level up fast.

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