CoD The Haunting: Where to Find All Evil Spirits in MW2 Warzone

Here are all the locations of the evil spirits in the MW2 Warzone: The Haunting event.

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There are four evil spirits in MW2 Warzone: The Haunting event this Halloween season. These creatures hide inside containers in different areas all around Al Mazrah. You need to scour these areas, opening as many containers as you can, to finally eliminate all four evil spirits: Ghoul, Reaper, Specter, and Witch. Our guide will provide you with tips on where to find all evil spirits in MW2 Warzone: The Haunting event.

Where to Find All Evil Spirits in MW2 Warzone

Ghoul Location

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The Ghoul can be encountered only in Al Mazrah City. I recommend scouring the containers at the following locations for better chances to uncover this evil spirit:

  • U.S. Embassy
  • Money House
  • Yum Yum Burger
  • Sarwana Hotel
  • North Canal
  • Art Museum
  • Gaming Studio
  • Police Station
  • Police Armory

Reaper Location

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The Reaper has been seen in the western part of Al Mazrah around the Al Safwa Quarry. You never know which container will reveal the Reaper, but I’d check first the following locations:

  • Kushaak Warehouse
  • Kushaak Construction Site
  • Al Safwa Stone Block Office
  • Checmical Storage Warehouse
  • Al Safwa Crane Control Room

Specter Location

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After that, you need to move to the south of the map and try to find the Specter on the island with the Al Bagra Fortress. If you’re lucky, you can detect Specter at one of the following spots:

  • Ammo Depot
  • Al Bagra Barrack
  • Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom
  • Al Bagra Officers Quarters
  • ABF Antiquities Office
  • Al Bagra Underground

Witch Location

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Lastly, you can find the Witch spirit only at the Al Malik Airport, which is located in the southeastern part of Al Mazrah. Be sure to check out the following locations:

  • Traveller’s Luggage
  • Airport Maintenance
  • Control Tower
  • Tower Conference Room
  • Retro Runway Fridge

That’s everything you need to know on where to find all evil spirits in MW2 Warzone: The Haunting. Stay tuned for more CoD: MW2 Warzone tips and tricks articles right here.

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