Some tips and tricks you need to learn if you want to be the best you can be at Color Switch.

Color Switch: How to get good and rack up your best score yet!

Some tips and tricks you need to learn if you want to be the best you can be at Color Switch.
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The premise of Color Switch, one of the latest reflex mobile games to rocket into popularity on iOS and Android, is deceptively simple: bounce a ball upwards through a series of spinning shapes to earn the highest score possible – but only through bands of color that match that of your ball. 

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A throwback to arcade games of yore mixed with the unforgiving nature of Flappy Bird, this game was not made to be easy. If you’re determined to get the best score that you can in this super tap-fest, you don’t need a Color Switch cheat – just get good by putting these tips and tricks into action!

1. Know when to take it slow. 

Getting through each other the color barriers requires some quick upward movements, but while you’re waiting on a wheel or other new shape to spin, knowing how to stay put is just as important to stay in the game.

The best way to do this is to keep the ball steady in the same spot with little to no bounce at all – do this by rapid taps… approximately 2 taps per second

Unless you’re playing maps on race mode, remember that you can take as much time as you want since timing doesn’t affect your score. Many levels also change direction in motion, so this will give you time to sit back and watch for the pattern.

2. Use the pause button when you need to. 

Closing the app won’t save your progress in the level (regardless of whether or not you’re playing endless mode, challenge, etc.), just your score and what you’ve already completed.

The pause button is located in a bit of an awkward spot (top right corner) when you’re in the middle of a game, so be prepared to use both hands to make sure you don’t crash and burn when all you want to do is take a time out.

Since it’s in such a fiddly place, use your other hand to tap the pause button. When you’re ready to start playing again, make sure to use your non-dominant hand again to tap the button in the corner. 

However, before you un-pause again, use your usual hand to start tapping at the screen – so as to keep the ball steady in the same place where you left it, otherwise it will start dropping the moment you un-pause back into the game, negating the trouble of pausing to begin with.

3. Take breaks.

If you keep staring at the screen, your eyes will get tired, dry out, and your reflexes will get slower too – your scores will inevitably drop. This is particularly noticeable when playing in endless mode compared to either Race or Challenge, where you aren’t able to anticipate what puzzle is coming up next (they’re random each time).

Use the pause button when you need it, take a break, and come back. You’re probably going to die a lot.

Just remember that it’s part of the learning process and you’re in it to see what kind of obstacles you’re up against. If you’re playing in endless mode, you’re not going to see the same pattern immediately, but you’re certain to see it crop up again sooner or later and you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect. 

5. Turn down the music. 

As much as it may look like one, Color Switch isn’t a rhythm game, it’s reflexes. The game music is upbeat and catchy and a lot of fun to listen to, but it does not correspond at all to what’s playing out on your screen, and if the beats in the song are influencing your tapping, perhaps it’s time to dial it down.

There’s no option in-game to do that, so you’ll have to do it with your native phone volume control settings. 

Other things to know…

  • The highest score possible is 999. You can check the global leader boards by tapping the red bar graph icon on the main menu, although it’s difficult to say whether or not any of those scores are actually from real people who aren’t using Color Switch hacks. 
  • Recent updates have added a new kind of currency into the game – when you earn enough stars, you can purchase a new shape for your ball. This is entirely cosmetic in nature and doesn’t do a thing to change the levels, just the look of your ball. The costs of the different balls range from 20 stars to 999, and some can only be unlocked by completing challenges (the toughest one requires you to beat every single challenge mode level in the game).
  • If you’re stuck and in need of some videos, Gamers Unite has a collection of YouTube videos with some (although not all) of the levels and how to beat them. 

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