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Complete Survival: Fountain of Youth Steam Achievement Guide

If you're trying to 100% Survival: Fountain of Youth you'll need our achievement guide.

There are a number of different achievements you can earn for Survival: Fountain of Youth on Steam. With 49 challenges to finish, trying to 100% the game can take some time. Here’s our complete Survival: Fountain of Youth Steam achievement guide with all the details on earning each and every one of the 49.

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How to Earn all Steam Achievements for Survival: Fountain of Youth

  • Survivor: Survive the shipwreck.
  • It worked!: Unlock 20 recipes.
    • Harvesting a new resource or creating a new item unlocks recipes.
  • Sharp eye, strong hand: Craft a spear.
  • Jack-of-all-trades: Unlock 50 recipes.
  • Gifts of the volcano: Find an obsidian shard.
  • Newcoming Robinson: Spend 2 hours in game.
  • Achilles and the Tortoise: Kill a tortoise.
  • Can pigs fly?: Kill a boar.
  • The jackal in the hide: Kill a Jackal.
  • Let there be rain!: Build a Water Collector.
  • Time to clay: Find a Clay Piece.
  • Oops: Faint for the first time.
  • Time to shoot: Craft a bow.
  • Off we go: Build a vessel.
  • Catching the Big Fish: Catch a fish.
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  • Reinventing the wheel: Build a Cart for transporting.
  • No smoke without fire: Build a Kiln.
  • It ain’t that bad here!: Spend 10 hours in game.
  • Master of Alchemy: Build a Chemistry Workbench.
  • Shining!: Find copper.
  • Hey Kitty: Kill a jaguar.
  • Able diver: Find a Sea Resource.
  • Full House: Have 10 statuses simultaneously.
    • Using all medicines at once and then going swimming will give you enough status for this achievement.
  • True Islander: Complete 10 survival tasks.
  • Under the Sea: Kill a shark.
    • Use a harpoon to slay underwater creatures.
  • Survivalist: Survive 100 days in a row.
  • Walking Factory: Unlock 200 recipes.
  • Bottoms Up!: Build a Moonshine still.
  • Iron Maiden: Find iron.
  • Pulling the trigger: Craft a crossbow.
  • Getting dirty: Build a Compost Pit.
  • Master and Commander: Build a Schooner.
  • Ray Ban: Kill an electric ray.
  • See you later, Alligator: Kill a caiman.
  • Who is the boss?!: Kill the Great Jackal.
    • The Great Jackal is found on Craggy Island in the Puma Region.
  • Thirty pieces of silver: Find silver.
    • Silver is only found on Silver Island in the Snake Region.
  • Rising and Falling: Faint 10 times.
  • Fire in the hole!: Craft the Flintlock Gun.
  • The eye of the storm: Build a Stormbreaker.
    • Collect all 20 Piece of Natives Map.
  • Treasure hunter: Open 10 underwater chests.
  • Some grave to dig: Kill an animal with a shovel.
    • This can be done with any level shovel to any animal.
  • Constant gardener: Grow 20 plants on a farm.
  • If it bleeds, we can kill it!: Kill the Great Serpent.
    • The Great Serpent is found on Silver Island in the Snake Region.
  • Ultimate Predator: Craft the whole Hunter set.
    • The Hunter set recipes are found throughout the Snake Region and require Rabbit Leather to craft.
  • The journey’s end: Complete the game.
  • The Lord’s way: Defeat the Final Enemy.
  • You’re not…Maugli…: Kill a Black panther.
  • Song of the New Native: Pass Bimini Belt along the Natives’ Way.
    • Ride the Stormbreaker into Bimini Belt instead of using Da Vinci’s Ark.
  • Discoverer and explorer: Unlock all locations in game.

Those are all 49 Steam achievements for Survival: Fountain of Youth and how to achieve them. Some will be completed as you adventure through the five regions, while some of them you need to purposefully work toward. For more help, check out our Survival: Fountain of Youth guides.

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