Coral Island: How to Complete Mythical Dream

Mythical Dream is a main quest in Coral Island.

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In the beginning days of owning your farm and getting to know the people of Starlet Town, you’ll end up having a strange dream filled with shimmering lights and images of trees. If you’re unsure what to do next, this is how to complete the Mythical Dream main quest in Coral Island.

How to Find a Sacred Tree for Mythical Dream in Coral Island

The aim of Mythical Dream is to have you interact with one of the four sacred trees found throughout Coral Island. The trees are shown in the dream you experience, but are hazy and without much background to go on. There are a few characteristics you can look out for while exploring:

  • Large trees with many roots protruding.
  • Green gas like aura surrounding them.
  • Rope tied around the trunk.
  • Shining statue or shrine at the base.

I found the last point the most helpful, as the golden sheen stands out in the environment, especially at night. If that isn’t enough, here are the locations of the trees:

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  • Across from Ling’s Lab in the park.
  • Just south of the farm and west of the Farm/Lighthouse sign.
  • West of the farm, then north of the Cavern sign.
  • Near the Lake stone path to the temple, just south of where Anne and Paul typically film for their show.

To complete Mythical Dream, you only need to interact with the shrine at one of the trees, not all four. I was near the one close to the mines, so touched that one, but any of them will do. The tree in town is easy to find, but the one south of the farm is closest. Once you touch the shrine, a cutscene will happen that introduces you to another helpful character and the quest will finish.

That’s how to complete Mythical Dream in Coral Island. For more quest help, what you need to offer at the Lake Temple, or how to raise the town rank quickly, dive into our expanding guide hub.

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