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Coral Island: Quickest Way to Increase Town Rank Easily

There area a variety of ways to increase Starlet Town's rank in Coral Island. Here are the best.

Starlet Town was hit with a devastating oil spill that destroyed the ocean beauty, its heritage sites, and more, resulting in the town being ranked F. Though there are a number of ways to increase it, these are the quickest ways to increase the town rank in Coral Island.

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Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Town Rank in Coral Island

What Impacts Town Ranking?

There are three big areas that affect the rank of Starlet Town:

  • The Museum
  • The ocean
  • Heritage sites

Each gets their own individual score, then combine to form the overall town rank. You can monitor your progress in the Town Rank tab, which shows how many points you have currently and what you need to level up. It also has an activity log that tracks each item you’ve donated, such as how many corals you’ve healed.

The fastest way to increase the overall town rank is to take care of the Heritage sites and clean up the ocean. These two have a huge impact on the scoring and are relatively easy to accomplish.

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Care for Heritage Sites

This way of increasing town rank mainly revolves around completing offerings to the Goddess. Each offering bundle completed earns you 45 points. It also unlocks various areas and teleport nodes around the island, rewards you with crafters or seeds, and progresses the main story. Finishing bundles are the single largest way to get points I have seen.

Essential Resources Bundle

One of the first bundles you’ll be able to complete is most likely the Essential Resources Bundle. Found in the first shrine you can interact with at the Lake Temple, it requires five of the below offerings:

  • Wood x10
  • Stone x10
  • Fiber x10
  • Sap x10
  • Maple Seed x5
  • Acorn x5
  • Pinecone x5
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Once you give five of these items, the bundle is completed. As a reward, you can now teleport to three locations on the island: Lake Temple, Diving Pier, and the Farm. You also receive the Recycling Machine and the 45 points toward the Town Rank. In addition, the next shrine is now interactable, with other bundles you can work on fulfilling.

Clean the Ocean

Cleaning the ocean is a main quest and allows you to discover new catchable creatures and foraging items. Clearing through the trash not only uncovers the solar orbs but can uncover different coffers. To get to a D rank, you’ll need to heal 20 coral sites as each one rewards 10 points, but that’s easily obtainable within the Spring or Summer, depending on how often you dive.

Those are the two quickest and easiest ways to increase town rank in Coral Island. For more on the Lake Temple offering bundles, how to unlock diving, or when you can use the Hot Springs, dash over to our guides library.

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