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Coral Island Tree Planting Festival: How to Start and Complete It

Here's how to start and finish the Coral Island Tree Planting Festival.

The second celebration of Spring, the Tree Planting Festival aims to revitalize a forest destroyed by logging. If you’re worried about missing it or curious about what you’ll have to do, here’s how to start and complete the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island.

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How to Start the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island

The Tree Planting Festival occurs on Spring 21, and you’ll receive a letter the day before reminding you of it. It takes place between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., so you’ll have time to take care of your farm before it begins. I highly suggest feeding animals, watering plants, and putting crops up for sale in the shipping bin as the event lasts all day.

To start the festival, head up the northern exit from your farm before 14:00 p.m. There, you’ll see a balloon and be prompted to start. A cutscene will play that takes you to the festival location, an area ravaged by deforestation. Now, you can talk to the villagers, learn more about the area, and visit the event shop. There are no side events during this festival; it’s only the main event.

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How to Complete the Tree Planting Festival

Once you’ve chatted with everyone you want to or bought items from the shop, speak with Mayor Connor to get the main event started. This part is divided into three sections, with each stage focusing on a different goal. You don’t expend Stamina during the main event, so you don’t need to worry about bringing snacks with you.

How to Finish Stage A

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  • Goal: Clear all the debris from your area.

For this stage of the Tree Planting Festival, you’ll have your Axe and Scythe with you to clear all logs, stumps, trash, and weeds growing in the area. There are 114 pieces of debris, and you need to take care of all of it. Having a bronze scythe here is super handy. It slices through trash in one go, really speeding up the clearing process.

How to Finish Stage B

  • Goal: Hoe dirt in marked boxes for saplings.

There are 11 roped squares in this area that need to have their soil prepped for the saplings. With your trusty Hoe, till four patches in each roped zone. Once you finish the last one, you’ll go to Stage C automatically.

How to Finish Stage C

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  • Goal: Plant saplings.

This stage of the Tree Planting Festival is easy. Just plant the saplings you’re given in the prepared soil. There are 10 areas you need to place the baby tree in. The final cutscene for the main event will launch as soon as the last is planted.

All Items in the Tree Planting Festival Shop

Similar to other event shops, the Tree Planting Festival shop has special inventory geared toward growing trees. While it offers tree seeds, you don’t have to purchase any to complete the festival. All saplings are provided as part of the activity. The shop is available after the main event is finished, unlike the Cherry Blossom Festival where it deposits you on your Farm after.

Tree Festival Shop Inventory

  • Pine Cone: 5 gold
  • Maple Seeds: 5 gold
  • Oak Seeds: 5 gold
  • Wild Seeds: 30 gold
  • Candied Tree Seed: 56 gold (on sale)
  • Compost: 10 gold
  • Fertilizer 1: 32 gold (on sale)
  • Fertilizer 2: 56 gold (on sale)

Since I’m still in my first year and don’t have access to higher fertilizers, I definitely spent all my money stocking up on Fertilizer 2. This is great to boost your crops for Sam, as well as earn more money from them.

Finishing the Tree Planting Festival: How to Return to Your Farm

After finishing the main event, you’ll be brought back to the hangout and shop space. You can use this time to socialize more, hit up the shop, or just head back to Starlet Town.

To return to your Farm, simply speak to the Mayor and select to leave the festival. You’ll appear at your front door at 21:00 p.m., giving you a little time to run around foraging, go bug hunting, or spread some of your new fertilizer.

To earn Merit Points for the event, you need to open your Journal after your return. Confirm that you want your rewards and you’ll get 150 Merit Points. You’ll also get a Banana Seedling to plant on your plot.

That’s how to start and complete the Tree Planting Festival in Coral Island. If you’re stuck on a quest, wonder how to unlock different areas of Starlet Town, or need help with diving, check out our guides hub.

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