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Coral Island: Expert Ways to Make Money Fast

There are a number of money making methods in Coral Island, but these are the fastest.

Making money is always an interesting endeavor in farming simulation games due to the myriad ways available. These are the best ways to make money fast in Coral Island, whether you’re just starting out or are an expert farmer.

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How to Make Money Fast in Coral Island

There are five main ways to make money, some of them more difficult than the others, or requiring upgraded tools or skills.

  • Mining for Gems, Geodes, and Coffers
  • Bug Catching
  • Fishing for Sharks
  • Rare Honey
  • Farming with Lab Upgrades

Mining for Gems, Geodes, and Coffers

Mining is a straightforward activity that you unlock within the first week of Spring. Even before that you can uncover geodes or treasure chests, referred to as coffers, from the rocks on your farm. These are taken to the Blacksmith to be broken open, which costs 20 gold, and often contain rare crystals or artifacts, which sell for large sums of money.

To collect more geodes, especially those of different varieties, you want to head into the mines. The deeper you go, the larger the chance you’ll have geodes drop from rock nodes along with coffers. You’ll also begin to get gemstones dropping directly from rock nodes.

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Once you reach the bottom of the Earth Shaft, others will become available, giving you the chance to collect different crystals, geodes and coffers. To aid in getting more geodes, I select Geode Finder as my first skill point purchase in the Mastery tab. This doubles my chances of them dropping.

Mining is one of my favorite ways to make money. Not only do I gather resources I need for crafting, and slay monsters, but I also get items to donate for the Museum and sell the duplicates for big bucks. The bonus is that you can head to mines super early in the game, instead of having to progress like lab upgrades.

Making Money by Bug Catching

Another skill that unlocks within the first week of Spring when starting a new game is bug catching. It may not seem like a money maker, but the key here is volume. Bugs are everywhere in Coral Island. Keep your net equipped while exploring, or even walking from your farm to town. There’s a high chance you’ll be able to catch something.

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After donating a species for the first time to the Museum, you can sell the rest for pure profit. This also applies to creatures you can catch underwater with the bug net while diving. Though it takes a little longer to unlock the ability to dive, once you donate a type of critter, the rest are just waiting to be sold.

There are also rare bugs you can catch or different types that come out depending on the time of day. They’re all worth different amounts, so catching these guys may take a few tries, but can be worth 10 of another bug.

Fishing for Sharks for Profit

The Great White Shark is one of the harder fish to catch. Hooked off the pier near Zarah’s boat, one of these guys sells for 845 gold. Be prepared for a fight, though, as they quickly strain your line into the red zone. I’ve never caught a Great White Shark, but I’ve definitely had over 30 broken lines trying to reel one in. My patience never lasts long enough to get the prize, though.

If you’re like me and find yourself unable to snag a shark, you may want to upgrade your rod. You’ll need Kelp Essence to do so. Head to Sunny’s Beach Shack to have the upgrade of your choice executed. It may take a while for you to get the resources, but the better the rod is the more likely you’ll catch a Great White.

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Find and Sell Rare Honey

Making rare honey is my absolute favorite way to get rich quick. You need to build a Bee House, which unlocks at Bug Catching level three, and supply it with rare flowers you’ve gathered while foraging in Fall and Winter. Specifically, the Titan Arun and Rafflesia are the ones you want. While you can sell them for a pretty penny as is, turning them into honey increases that amount to over 1,000 gold when all is said and done.

These flowers are rare, so you’ll want to be hunting them down every day you can to stock up for Spring and Summer. Additionally, they take multiple days to turn from blossom to honey, so you may want to build a couple Bee Houses. I had two for my rare honey and one for common varieties.

Lab Upgrades for Cash

At Ling’s Lab you’ll be able to use Kelp Essence to permanently upgrade your produce and animal products. Starting with bronze star, each upgrade increases the chance that the items you collect are of that quality. The higher the quality the better the selling price.

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The upgrades go into effect when you pick the item, and there’s no extra work to do on your part. Simply purchase the desired upgrade at the lab, plant the corresponding seeds, and wait until harvest time. For animals, you’ll obtain that level of feed from grass which turns into the same level milk, or egg.

This took me a while to complete as you need large quantities of Kelp to get Essence. Unfortunately, I barely had enough to get an upgrade when I first played. So always save your Kelp and start turning it into Kelp Essence as soon as you can build an Extractor.

Those are five expert ways to make money fast in Coral Island. From creating expensive, rare honey to catching sharks, there’s a method to get rich quick that everyone can employ. For more game tips, check out our blossoming guide hub.

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