Giant Mushrooms are one of two foods that grant a permanent health increase in Core Keeper. Here's how to find them.

Core Keeper: How to Find Giant Mushrooms

Giant Mushrooms are one of two foods that grant a permanent health increase in Core Keeper. Here's how to find them.
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Core Keeper players who want to take on all the game’s bosses will need to seek out the Giant Mushroom. Unlike most foods that only grant temporary benefits when cooked, this one grants you a permanent benefit either way.

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Eating a Giant Mushroom permanently increases your maximum health by 25, whether you eat it raw or cook it up. Here’s where to find the item. 

How to Find Giant Mushrooms in Core Keeper

The problem with finding these large fungi is that they spawn randomly on seed generation, and a single seed may barely have any to find at all.

You can only find Giant Mushrooms in the Dirt Biome or the Clay Caves, usually with some of its regular-sized cousins surrounding it. You can tell them apart from regular mushrooms by their size: they take up four tiles. The normal ones take up just one tile.

It’s almost impossible to mistake them for regular mushrooms thanks to the size difference. The problem is finding them, and there’s not much advice to be given there but to keep searching.

Once you have at least an Iron Pickaxe, you may want to create and hop around worlds to find more. The better your Pickaxe, the easier it is to get around.

This isn’t the only food that grants a permanent health increase. The other is Amber Larva, which adds 50 permanent health when eaten either raw or cooked.

The health increase granted by both foods is static when cooked, regardless of the other ingredients, meaning you’ll get that 25 health or 50 health no matter what. It also means their health increases stack when cooked, so you can cook two Giant Mushrooms or one with an Amber Larva or two for their full health increases in one meal. For more Core Keeper tips, such as how to build habitable rooms or how to find the Slime Oil you’ll need for the Slime Merchant, click the links or head over here.

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