Core Keeper — How to Get a Drill

Find out how to quickly extract ores using a drill with the help of our drill guide for Core Keeper.

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You’re going to want a drill in Core Keeper to make your mining life easier through the game’s biomes. You can use a drill to get through walls and boulders alike, and it’s a lot cooler than the pickaxes. The earlier you can get a drill in Core Keeper, the better. Let’s go over how to get a drill step by step. You very well may want more than one, up to eight, for optimal boulder mining.

Core Keeper Drill Guide: How to Get a Drill

You can make a drill using an Automation Table, but it may take a while before you can actually do it. The build order for workstations to get to a drill is as follows:

  1. Craft “Basic Workbench” by hand in your inventory (8 Wood).
  2. Craft “Copper Workbench” using Basic Workbench (8 Wood, 6 Copper Bar).
  3. Craft “Tin Workbench” using Copper Workbench (10 Wood, 6 Copper Bar, 10 Tin Bar).
  4. Craft “Automation Table” using Tin Workbench (5 Copper Bar, 8 Tin Bar).
  5. Craft “Drill” using Automation Table (10 Iron Bar, 10 Scarlet Bar).

Of course, you have to get the ores to make the bars you’ll need to craft a drill. Ask a friend to seed you the materials (like I did), or rush through the pickaxe tiers to mine them yourself.

How to Use a Drill in Core Keeper

The main function of a drill in Core Keeper is to harvest ore boulders, which allows you to quickly obtain lots of ore that can be turned into metal bars at the Furnace. The more drills you apply to a single ore boulder, the faster it’ll break it, according to the following timetable:

  • 1 Drill: 120 seconds
  • 2 Drills: 68 seconds
  • 3 Drills: 50 seconds
  • 4 Drills: 40 seconds
  • 5 Drills: 37 seconds
  • 6 Drills: 34 seconds
  • 7 Drills: 31.5 seconds
  • 8 Drills: 30 seconds

Simply place one drill or more with their drill sides to the ore boulder, using the “E” key to rotate them if needed, and place a Power Generator behind each of them to start drilling. That’s everything you need to know on how to get a drill in our drill guide for Core Keeper. Stay tuned for more Core Keeper tips and tricks articles right here.

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