Wondering where to find Scarlet Ore to make Scarlet Bars in Core Keeper? Here's where to get it.

Core Keeper: How to Get Scarlet Ore

Wondering where to find Scarlet Ore to make Scarlet Bars in Core Keeper? Here's where to get it.
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Scarlet Ore is the last tier of ore in Core Keeper at this stage of Early Access, and you need to get it to make Scarlet Bars for an even higher tier of craftable equipment.

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You’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get your hands on Scarlet Ore and subsequently Scarlet Bars, unless you’re already well on your way to the current endgame.

How to Get Scarlet Ore in Core Keeper

Currently, there is only one biome that holds the ore: Azeos’ Wilderness. To get to Azeos’ Wilderness, you need to defeat all three primary bosses.

  • Glurch the Abominous Mass
  • Ghorm the Devourer
  • The Hive Mother

Once you’ve defeated all three bosses, you can interact with the Core to unlock the Souls portion of the character screen and gain the ability to open the Great Wall surrounding the entirety of the inner circle of the map.

At this point in Early Access, Azeos’ Wilderness is the only biome outside of the Great Wall. Finding Scarlet Ore is the same as finding other ores, and not terribly difficult. Be careful of Cavelings in this area, as they are particularly troublesome in the outer rim.

You’ll want to slash any flowers you see in the area as well; you’ll probably want 10 Ancient Feathers to get the Axeos the Sky Titan Scanner.

To turn your ore into Scarlet Bars, you’ll need to craft and place a Smelter Kiln if you haven’t already (though you should have). The Smelter Kiln itself is crafted at the Iron Workbench using five Tin Bar and five Iron Bar.

Scarlet Bars open the door to more than just armor and tools. A handful of crafting stations are also made using Scarlet Bars, and setting up conveyor belts requires them as well.

With knowledge in hand, you can now seek out Scarlet Ore and progress to the next tier of crafting. Check out our other Core Keeper guides for more help.

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