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Core Keeper: How to Hatch Eggs

Eggs are a great new feature in Core Keeper, so here's how to hatch them.

Core Keeper’s Paws and Claws update includes a ton of new things to make the experience much deeper and more fun in the process. One of those new things is the ability to get and hatch eggs. While it may seem simple on the surface, hatching them requires a bit of work, so here’s how to hatch eggs in Core Keeper.

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How To Hatch Eggs In Core Keeper

To hatch eggs in Core Keeper, we are going to need a few things. First off, we are going to need the eggs, so where do we get them? Eggs can be acquired in many different ways since the Paws and Claws update. They can be found in crates, in digging spots, in boss chests, or by purchasing them.

How to Craft an Egg Incubator

Once we have our egg in tow, we need to craft an egg incubator. It has to be made at a Copper Workbench, and will require eight Copper Bars and eight Glass Pieces. On top of that, we need electricity to make it work. Build an Electricity Generator first, then build your Egg Incubator near it.

Once you have your Egg Incubator and Electricity Generator, it’s time to throw your egg in there. You’ll be waiting around 30 minutes for this to hatch, so it’s a good idea to put the egg in at the start of your play session and check back later. It’s always exciting to see what the result is, and it’s usually a cute new pet with some great buffs for your character.

Paws and Claws introduced so many fun new aspects to Core Keeper, and now you know how to hatch eggs to take advantage of even more of them. If this guide helps, check out the rest of our Core Keeper guides.

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