Core Keeper: How to Stop Mobs from Spawning

Core Keeper is a tough game if you let mobs overwhelm you. Here's how to stop mobs from spawning.

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Core Keeper is an exciting and challenging game that pits you against tons of weird and dangerous creatures, all while trying to build a base to survive in. While mobs are an integral part of the game’s mechanics, you might want to take a breather from constant combat. Indeed, you might want to focus on other aspects of gameplay, such as farming and mining. Here’s how to stop mobs from Spawning in Core Keeper.

How to Stop Mobs From Spawning in Core Keeper

Image via Fireshine Games

Mobs can be both a boon and a burden in Core Keeper. If you’re looking to keep your land enemy free, here’s how to do it.

  1. Light Areas Up: I’m going to mention this one a lot in this guide. Mobs appear in darkness, so one of the best ways to keep mobs from spawning is to light up your surroundings. Light itself doesn’t stop enemies from appearing. However, placing a torch on top of spawning tiles will prevent any enemy from emerging there.
  2. Build a Safe Room: Create a dedicated safe room within your base. Make sure it’s well-lit and fortified with walls and a strong door. When you need to get away from the overwhelming nature of Core Keeper for a bit, this is a perfect way to do so.
  3. Clear Out Spawning Areas: Pay attention to areas where mobs tend to spawn more frequently. Clear out these spots and replace them with well-lit blocks or torches to discourage mob spawns.
  4. Use the Blocks: Some blocks, such as Diamond Bricks and Obsidian, are less likely to spawn mobs on or near them. Placing these on top of spawning tiles will ensure your base is enemy-free for a decent amount of time.
  5. Furniture Placement: Placing furniture on top of spawning tiles almost guarantees that no enemies will spawn there.
  6. Be Prepared for Anything: While prevention is key, always be on the lookout for mob spawns. Core Keeper‘s world is constantly evolving, so it’s tough to predict when any particular event will happen. Keeping alert will help your base remain enemy-free.
  7. Using Traps: As you advance, consider setting up traps to deal with mobs. These can include spike traps, which are a great idea to quickly get rid of enemies. You can also try other, more complex ones you might find. Traps provide an automated defense against mobs, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

That’s how to keep mobs from spawning in Core Keeper. The sandbox game has a lot of things to manage, and it can be hard to focus when enemies are constantly descending on you. Using the above strategies should keep you mob-free and allow you to focus on building your base and exploring the world. For more tips and tricks on Core Keeper, check out our guides section.

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