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Core Keeper Pets Guide

Follow our guide if you want to know how to get pet eggs and hatch them in Core Keeper.

Currently, there are eight pets in the latest Paws & Claws update for Core Keeper. It’s hard to define the best pet among them since they all have useful skills. Pets can be hatched from eggs, and they’ll follow you everywhere you go and will even join in fighting enemies who dare aggro to you. Our guide will provide you with tips on how to get pet eggs and hatch them in Core Keeper, including a short list of the best pets in the game.

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How to Get Eggs and Hatch Them in Core Keeper

Each of the eight available pets in Core Keeper has its own type of egg, which can be hatched in the Egg Incubator. Different types of eggs drop randomly from various spots and crates. I listed a complete breakdown of all egg locations in Core Keeper and their respective drop chances right here:

  • Loyal Egg (Subterrier):
    • Beach Sand Digging Spot (5.56%)
    • Desert Sand Digging Spot (5.31%)
    • Digging Spot (7.3%)
    • Grass Digging Spot (4.12%)
  • Curious Egg (Embertail):
    • Bearded Merchant (375 Ancient Coins)
  • Lively Egg (Owlux):
    • Ancient Crate (2.32%)
    • Large Ancient Crate (4.14%)
    • Overgrown Wooden Crate (2.47%)
    • Wooden Crate (2.68%)
  • Nimble Egg (Fanhare):
    • Flower Vessel (0.59%)
    • Large Flower Vessel (3.42%)
  • Oozy Egg (Jr. Orange Slime):
    • Glurch the Abominous Mass (14.87%)
    • Glurch the Abominous Mass (17.91%)
  • Oozy Slippery Egg (Jr. Blue Slime):
    • Morpha the Aquatic Mass (10.38%)
    • Morpha the Aquatic Mass (14.29%)
  • Oozy Poison Egg (Jr. Purple Slime):
    • Ivy the Poisonous Mass (10.16%)
    • Ivy the Poisonous Mass (12.9%)
  • Oozy Lava Egg (Jr. Lava Slime):
    • Igneous the Molten Mass (18.18%)
    • Igneous the Molten Mass (5.5%)

Once you get your first egg, you can hatch it in the Egg Incubator, which can be crafted at the Copper Workbench using the following recipe:

  • 8 Copper Bars
  • 8 Glass Pieces

It takes about 30 minutes in real time before the egg cracks in the incubator. Then you need to place the newly-born pet in your item slot, and it’ll follow you wherever you go, protecting you from all sorts of hostile creatures.

Core Keeper Best Pets

Most pets in Core Keeper deal melee damage, but only a handful have truly unique and especially useful abilities. For me, the two best pets in the game are Fanhare and Owlux.

  • Fanhare is the only pet in the game that deals ranged damage. It shoots hair projectiles that have a 12% chance to inflict a Poison status effect and a 75% chance to reduce the enemy’s healing ability. On top of that, its projectiles deal Piercing damage, which is the best kind of damage against bosses.
  • Owlux is a great support pet that doesn’t deal damage of its own but buffs your own damage significantly. For example, it grants you a 6.5% damage bonus, which is enough to get your critical hit rate to 100%. Additionally, it boosts your speed of movement by 7.6%, which allows you to act more effectively during combat.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get pet eggs and hatch them in Core Keeper, including the best pets in the game. Stay tuned for more Core Keeper tips and tricks articles right here.

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