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Counter Strike 2: Best CS2 Community Servers to Join

Learn all about the best CS2 community servers to join and how to join them.

Counter Strike 2 is riding the wave of nostalgia and newcomers to the series, thus becoming one of the most popular FPS games currently on the market. In turn, players have launched even more community servers to relive the old non-matchmaking days of the Counter Strike series. Here are the best CS2 community servers to join currently — and how to join them.

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The Best CS2 Community Servers to Join in CS2

As mentioned, there are countless CS2 community servers to play on right now. The landscape is always changing, but these are some of the current favorites in the community:

  • KyivKnights | DM FFA []: The server is based in Ukraine and the address is Here, you can enjoy some good old free-for-all deathmatch.
  • AIM PRACTICE | CS2 | HS ONLY | MIRAGE PVPDuel: The server is based in the U.K., and the address is As with all Aim Practice servers, you can freely practice your aiming game here.
  • [BG] NOLAG-CS | CS2 Public #1: The server is based in Bulgaria, and the address is
  • DM #18 — CYBERSHOKE.NET (MEDIUM, 128 TICK): The server is based in Germany, and the address is
  • NAS | DEATHMATCH FFA: The server is based in the U.S., and the address is This is another deathmatch server where de_dust2 is commonly played.

Of course, as with all servers, your latency might vary depending on your country. ping

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How to Join a CS2 Community Servers

The process of joining a community server in Counter Strike 2 is quite simple. You can do so at any time from the “Play” menu. Here is how:

  • Click on “Play” at the top.
  • Then, select the Globe icon to the right of “Practice.”
  • In the new window, click on the “Any Game” dropdown menu and select Counter Strike 2.
  • Click on the “Internet” tab to the left.
  • Hit the blue “Search” icon on the right.

A list of all applicable servers will slowly appear. You can sort it by maps, player count, latency, etc. by selecting the appropriate options. Simply double-click on any server you like, and you’ll join it.

How to Add a CS2 Community Severs to Favorites

As you browse around the various community servers in Counter Strike 2, note that you can mark the ones you like as your favorites. This is a great way to save the server for a later session, so you do not have to bother finding it again.

To mark a server your favorite, simply right-click on the server and select “Add server to favorites”. You can then access it at any time from the Favorites tab.

Those are the best CS2 community servers to join right now. We hope you have found this guide useful. Try out different servers and see which ones suit your needs. For more tips, check out our Counter Strike 2 game hub. From how to play on surf servers to playing workshop maps, there are tons of useful tips and tricks over there.

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