Counter Strike 2: Best Weapons Tier List

Here's our tier list of the best weapons in Counter Strike 2 with their newly upgraded models and prices.

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All the original weapons from the competitive and deathmatch modes of Counter Strike: Global Offensive have been fully transferred to Counter Strike 2. This is great news for all returning players, but beginners will have a lot to learn when it comes to which weapon will be dominant in the new meta. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Counter Strike 2, including their new looks and prices.

Best Weapons Tier List in Counter Strike 2

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best weapons in Counter Strike 2:

S-Tier Weapons


Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Price: $2,700

The AK-47 is still the king in Counter Strike 2, having slightly better accuracy but still dealing those insta-kill headshots. It’s important to be aware of the recoil, though, as you push the barrel down a bit after every few shots. I also highly recommend firing it only in short bursts, or it’ll lose accuracy pretty quickly. Of course, if you’re at close range, then you don’t have to worry about the bullet spread that much.


Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Sniper Rifle
  • Price: $4,750

The Magnum sniper rifle AWP is a monster of a weapon. It has such a massive damage output that you don’t even need to aim at the head. Shoot straight into the chest, which is a much larger target. It’ll instantly kill an enemy player, unless they take cover. Then aim at the head if you can. It’s also possible to shoot right through the cover sometimes; that’s how powerful the AWP is. But I must warn you that it’s essential to stop moving when shooting from AWP, as you need to be as accurate as possible.

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A-Tier Weapons


Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Price: $2,900

This is a successor to the infamous counter-terrorist rifle M4A1 Carbine, which was once considered the best weapon in the game. But the new version is a bit different, and while it has a higher damage output, you’re practically obliged to always keep a silencer on. Otherwise, the rifle loses accuracy, and the bullet spread becomes too wide. Although the silencer does make your rifle longer, which may cause it to protrude from the cover, I still wouldn’t recommend using the M4A1-S without one.


Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Price: $3,500

Although the AUG isn’t exactly a sniper rifle, with the scope, it can actually become a decent alternative to the AWP sniper rifle. Of course, it’s not as powerful, but it may also serve as an assault rifle, albeit with less power than the models listed above. That’s why I’d go straight for the headshots with this one, using an advantageous angle in the distance. If you find yourself in midrange combat, then beware of the bullet spray.

Desert Eagle

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Pistol
  • Price: $650

Desert Eagle is strong enough to instantly kill an enemy with a single headshot, even if they wear a helmet. But this is possible only at close range and if your aim has been precise. If you find yourself at a longer range, then you’ll need about two or three shots in the chest to kill an enemy. The best way to use Desert Eagly is in the crouching position, as that’s when the accuracy is at its peak.

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B-Tier Weapons

SG 553

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Price: $3,000

This rifle is a relatively new addition to the game and can be a decent alternative to the scoped AUG model with a similar strategy. It can be a bit too expensive to re-purchase AUG every time you die, so SG 553 can be a bit easier to restock once you pop up in the next matchup. I also wouldn’t recommend staying in the scoped position for too long with SG 553, as the blurred peripheral vision can make you vulnerable to unexpected attacks. So utilize a scope only if you engage in combat.

SSG 08

Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Assault Rifle
  • Price: $1,700

Here’s a relatively cheap sniper rifle that may not have the power of AWP but can still kill an enemy with a single headshot. If you didn’t manage to strike an enemy with a headshot, then it’s advisable to switch to a pistol to finish the job rather than spend another valuable sniper bullet. But I was really impressed with its ability to preserve 100% accuracy when jumping, which allows you to headshot enemies from behind the covers.


Screenshot by GameSkinny
  • Type: Pistol
  • Price: $200

If you don’t want to spend $650 for a Desert Eagle, then opt for a cheaper USP-S, which also requires a silencer, or the accuracy will suffer greatly. But its power is good enough to one-shot an enemy if aimed straight in the head, so keep your profile low behind the wall and aim directly at the head to deal lethal damage. However, be aware of the silencer protruding from behind the wall, which may give away your position.

That’s it for our tier list of the best weapons in Counter Strike 2. Stay tuned for more CS2 tips and tricks articles right here.

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