Counter Strike 2: How to Equip USP-S Pistol in CS2

If you want to take a stealthier approach, ere's how to equip the USP-S Pistol in Counter Strike 2.

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There are eight different Pistols you can use in Counter Strike 2. Each of them has its pros and cons and is used for different scenarios. Some, like the Dual Berettas, allow for rapid fire, while others, like the Desert Eagle, are purpose-built for instant lethality. However, not all are immediately available in your loadout if you simply boot up the game and jump into a match. Here’s how to equip the USP-S Pistol in CS2.

How to Equip the USP-S Pistol in CS2

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Equipping the USP-S Pistol in CS2 is easy, albeit a little convoluted. The starting silenced weapon is only available to Counter Terrorist (CT) players and is available from the start of the game. To add it to your kit, follow these steps:

  • Either go to your Loadout from the main menu or during a match.
  • Look to the left of the Knife below your Loadout, under All Items.
  • Click and drag the USP-S icon to the Starting Pistol slot in your Loadout.
  • It will replace the P2000 in your inventory.
  • You can then purchase it for $200 during the buying phase.
    • You can also go back into your Loadout and swap in the P2000 to buy it during a match.

Depending on your playstyle and the playstyle of your squad, you may want to use stealth instead of going loud. In these scenarios, the USP-S Pistol is the ideal fit. Not only does it suppress rounds, making shots harder to hear, but it also reduces recoil.

It’s worth noting that you can swap around other weapons using this method, including to other Pistols: the R8 Revolver and the CZ75-Auto, both of which go into the “Other Pistols” category.

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How to Remove (Detach) Silencer from USP-S Pistol

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If you want to remove the silencer from the USP-S Pistol, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” by clicking the Gear icon in the top-left corner of the screen at the main menu or after pausing while in a match.
  • Go to “Game.”
  • Go to “Item.”
  • Go to the fourth option: “Detach Silencer on M4A1-S and USP-S.”
  • Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the option.
  • Choose “Secondary Fire.”
  • Press the right mouse button (RMB) during a match to detach and reattach the silencer.

And that’s how to equip the USP-S Pistol in Counter Striker 2. For more tips and tricks, including our best weapons tier list, head over to our CS2 guides hub here.

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