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Counter Strike 2: What is Wingman Mode in CS2? Explained

Here's everything you need to know about Wingman mode in CS2.

Thus far, it seems that Counter Strike 2 has made a positive impression on fans of its predecessor Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Like CS:GO, the newly released CS2 has a plethora of game modes in which players can test their grit. One of these game modes, Wingman, won’t be available initially and will have to be unlocked. But what is Wingman in CS2?

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What is Wingman Mode in CS2? Explained

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CS2 Wingman mode is a mixture of other game modes. Unlike its classic 5v5 setup that everyone knows and loves, Wingman is much smaller in scale and involves two teams of two players with only one bomb defusal site. Each round lasts for only 90 seconds, encouraging quick and frenetic action at all times. It is also a ranked mode, so one can expect games in Wingman to be very competitive.

How to Unlock Wingman Mode in Counter Strike 2

When you first open CS2, you’ll notice that Wingman isn’t available right away. While it’s easy to dismiss this as being either a glitch or the mode being part of an upcoming update, it’s not. Instead, Wingman has to be unlocked to access it.

  • To unlock Wingman in CS2, you must play a handful of games in other modes.
  • You should unlock Wingman after completing roughly 5-7 matches in both Casual and Deathmatch modes.
  • With each match you play, a progress bar beneath the Wingman game mode will increase.
  • The amount of progress that each completed match in CS2 gives you differs from one match to another.

That’s what Wingman in CS2 is and how to unlock it. For other CS2 tips and tricks, consider checking out our guides on how to fix lag using console commands or how to set up private lobbies.

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