The global roster for Counter:Side mobile RPG is a doozy, here are the units you should reroll for.

Counter:Side Global ReRoll Tier List Guide

The global roster for Counter:Side mobile RPG is a doozy, here are the units you should reroll for.
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The global version of Counter:Side is now available on iOS and Android devices with a limited roster of characters, known as employees. As a CEO, you will have to pick the best employees for a team of monster hunters.

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Our guide will provide you with a global reroll tier list for Counter:Side, so you get started on your “business venture
on the right foot.

S-Tier Employees

Yang Harim

  • Role: Supporter / Counter
  • Type: Ground

Yang Harim is an all-round supporter that not only heals her allies, but also shields and buffs them. On top of that, her own attacks apply debuffs on the enemies.

She can generate multiple shields and barriers that can effectively protect all her allies, and are hard to break for enemies.

But her biggest draw is a maxed out Bear Up! that grants 40% damage bonus to all allies. Use a Cooldown Reduction set in combination with this ability for the maximum effect in both PvE and PvP.

Evelyn Keller

  • Role: Supporter / Counter
  • Type: Air

Evelyn is the only air movement healer in Counter:Side, which gives her a significant advantage in PvE.

Her healing potions are the strongest in the game, such as Heka’s Tonic and Hermes Trismegistus, which not only heal allies, but also deal damage to all enemies in an AoE fashion.

She can throw her potions from the air, which makes her very hard to eliminate, and that’s why she’s one of the most sought out employees in the game.

The only time her air ability doesn’t come in handy is during special anti-air PvP events.

Nanahara Chifuyu

  • Role: Striker / Counter
  • Type: Ground

Tanky and versatile are the two best words that can describe Nanahara as an employee.

Her set of skills allows players to do all sorts of things, including damage dealing, buffing allies, debuffing enemies, and stunning enemies. Though she’s pure tank who can easily take on a lot of damage and protect her allies.

Equip her with Maze Armor and Hummingbird Weapon, and watch her decimate even the strongest ground enemies.

The only thing she can’t do is target air units, but this can be achieved with other means.

A-Tier Employees

Administration Rifleman

  • Role: Ranger / Soldier
  • Type: Ground

Rifleman is arguably the best Ranger employee in the game due to his extremely low cost of deployment and astonishing damage output (2,800 points of damage with 650 critical damage).

He utilizes a number of weapons, such as ADPR-15 Gauss rifle that has excellent stopping power, and basic rifle with Titanium Barrel attachment that increases its durability.

However, all this firepower needs to be protected by his allies, as Administration Rifleman doesn’t have any solid defenses of his own.

Pair him up with one of your Counters, and you’ll be good to go in both PvE and PvP modes.


  • Role: Ranger / Counter
  • Type: Ground

In case Administration Rifleman seems too extreme or unbalanced for you, and you are willing to sacrifice all that damage for higher defense stats and skill diversity, then Gaeun would be an excellent alternative.

Although her deployment cost is higher than that of the Rifleman, her HP pool allows her to stay longer on her own without the necessary support of the allied tank or healer. At the same time, her damage is efficient enough to deal with various types of enemies.

Equip her with the Full Maze set and some attack speed buffs for PvE, and opt for Cooldown Reduction set in PvP.

B-Tier Employees

Eins and Zwei

  • Role: Striker / Counter
  • Type: Ground

The most remarkable thing about this employee is that players get two units for the price of one. This is especially useful in PvP, and many consider this couple to be the biggest force to reckon with in the mode.

Their best ability is Starke Schwestern, which is an AoE that keeps Eins & Zwei immune to all damage while it lasts. Although it has a significant cooldown of 46 seconds, if you keep both Eins & Zwei on the field, this timer reduces by 20 seconds.

They perform alright in PvE, but their skill set is specifically honed for PvP combat.

Awakened Hilde

  • Role: Defender / Counter
  • Type: Ground

Hilde is what you call a wall employee, which means that she is nothing but a tank that can hold any kind of attacking forces.

She can be absolutely annoying in PvP, especially at the lower rankings, where players simply have no means of passing through her Fafnir’s Descent skill that knockbacks any target trying to move forward.

Unfortunately, Hilde does nothing else and she’s way to expensive to deploy. But if you need a unmovable defense wall, then there is no better choice than her.

Those are the best employees for the global release of Counter:Side. If you enjoyed reading this article, then be sure to give it a share!

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