Crash Arena Turbo Stars Parts Guide

Check this guide out for what all the parts in Crash Arena Turbo Stars do and tips for building the best car you can!

Check this guide out for what all the parts in Crash Arena Turbo Stars do and tips for building the best car you can!

Crash Arena Turbo Stars, or C.A.T.S, has many cars and parts to choose from that help you dominate the arena. Each one changes how your car behaves, which can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Health and attack power are not the only things that will determine if you win or not, so we put together this guide together to go over all the options you have — as well as some combinations that can help you win.

Let’s jump in. 

C.A.T.S Body Types

c.a.t.s best car

  • Classic — This is the most basic body type with decent health and shape.
    • This type usually has a decent amount of power, so you can easily equip weapons and gadgets.
  • Surfer — This body type has a lot of health and a good shape that prevents it from being easily lifted if you’re using big wheels in the front.
  • Titan — This one is very tall and has robust health. 
    • It can easily tip over, so use a weapon that will be able to hit the enemy even after tipping over.
  • Boulder — This is a round body that is made to tip and spin.
    • This allows you to use weapons that you normally could not use after being tipped over.
  • Sneaky — A small and light body that can hit with most weapons because of its size.

C.A.T.S Weapons and Gadgets


crash arena turbo stars tips

  • Rocket — A ranged weapon that shoots rockets at your opponent.
  • Blade — This is a spinning wheel with spikes. 
    • It will rotate around your car constantly, hitting the opponent if within range.
  • Laser — This is a ranged weapon that shoots out a blast of energy to hit the opponent.
    • It has a charge time after each blast, so it does not attack as fast as the Rocket — but it does hit harder.
  • Chainsaw — This is a short-range melee weapon that does constant damage to the opponent it reaches.
    • It also has the highest damage and shortest reach of the melee weapons.
  • Drill — This is a medium-range melee weapon that does constant damage.
    • This has the second longest reach and damage of the three melee weapons.
  • Stinger — This is a melee weapon that does constant damage, but has a much further reach than the Drill or Chainsaw.
    • Has the lowest damage of the three melee weapons.

  • Forklift — This is the most popular — and arguably best — gadget in the game.
    • This gadget will rotate like the blade, but it will lift and possibly tip over the opponent if within reach.
  • Booster and Backpedal — We put these together because they do basically the same thing — they propel your car in one direction at the start of battle.
    • Boosters will push you forward, while Backpedals push you backward.
  • Repulse — These are square objects that will explode when it comes in contact with an opponent’s car.
    • If it goes off, it will push the opponent away.

C.A.T.S Build Tips

The most important thing to look at when deciding how to build your car is the Body type. Even the same body can have multiple versions that can make it great or terrible, depending on the situation and use. 

Look at where the wheels, weapons, and gadgets can be placed

This will change what you put on your car.

For Example: If you have a Gadget slot in the front, this is perfect for a forklift, but if you have it in the back on a Surfer, it will never reach the opponent. What’s more, sometimes you may only have weapon slots and that is okay — if you want to use multiple weapons. Other times, you may want a gadget slot to add a forklift.

Gadgets also add health to your car, so they are good to have if you need that extra oomf for survival when using low health bodies like Sneaky.

Try different wheels

This can change things drastically. If something is not working, then try other wheels. Each one will behave differently, depending on the location and body type. My current setup uses a big wheel in the front and a small wheel in the back on a Surfer body.

I found that this keeps me from being tipped over more than if I put the small wheel in the front and the big wheel in the back. 

Use weapons that only attack in one direction on bodies that won’t tip over easily

If you use a drill or rocket on a Titan, you may have a bad time for multiple reasons. For one, if the weapon is at the the top, it may be too high to hit other cars. It will also most likely tip over, making it miss the opponent completely. The exception to this rule is the Boulder body since it can keep rotating.

My Current Build

c.a.t.s strategy

Finally, I want to give you a build example by showing what I have used to get the most wins so far.

  • Body — Surfer with a gadget slot in the front and a weapon slot in the back.
  • Wheels — A 41 health Bigfoot wheel that adds 20% health to Surfer and a 95 health roller wheel.
  • Weapon — 110 attack power rocket that I leveled up to 12 and adds 11% damage when on Surfer.
    • I also added 42 attack to it through a fusion mod.
  • Gadget — 153 health Forklift that adds 7% health to Surfer.
    • I also added 48 health through a fusion mod.

This car has 661 health, 110 attack power, and uses 12/15 power. The wheels make sure I don’t tip over easily and since it is a surfer, I can usually get under the opponent. The forklift is at a perfect location so I can lift nearly and car. The rocket lets me attack before I reach the opponent and will almost always hit since I almost never get lifted.

The only issue with this build is the fact that I have one weapon. As you get to higher ranks, many people have two weapons and do a lot of damage. The lack of firepower is noticeable. However, the forklift usually makes up for that by tipping over most cars so they can no longer attack mine.

That’s everything we have on the C.A.T.S parts guide. Let us know if you have any questions or builds of your own!

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