Crashlands Guide: How to Find and Grind Crystallized Juice

How to find Crystallized Juice fast in the new Juicemancy update for Crashlands.

How to find Crystallized Juice fast in the new Juicemancy update for Crashlands.

The Juicemancy update for Crashlands has finally arrived. At last, we can upgrade, reroll and convert our equipment for stats that we actually like benefiting from. Before we can begin, however, we must figure out how to find a colossal amount of Crystallized Juice — we need 80 of the suckers just to build the Juiceforge!

Luckily, they aren’t that hard to find. If you’ve spent some time wandering around Woanope recently, you’ll have noticed these mysterious blue crystals that glow in the dark. The aptly named Juice Crystal Clusters drop a few Crystallized Juices when mined with a Pickaxe.

Crashlands Guide How to find Crystallized Juice Juicemancy Patch

Juice Crystal Clusters

Whenever you stumble across a Juice Crystal Cluster, it’s a good idea to place  a Sign before you mine it. These clusters respawn about every 6 hours in the same place, so they’re good for a steady supply of Crystallized Juice — and the sign helps you find them later.

Once you’ve discovered and marked a couple dozen crystal clusters, you can make a hefty bounty of juice every run. However, farming Juice Crystal Clusters is not the most effective way to obtain Crystallized Juice.

The juice is truly in the air. It’s the most powerful force on this planet and it permeates everything on it. in fact, all creatures and harvestable resources on Woanope have a chance to drop Crystallized Juice.

You could find it from picking Sawgrass, mining a Flatstone, destroying Squee or harvesting any other resource you find. Even when you’re grinding creatures like Wompit, Glutterfly, Tartil really or anything else, you can be sure to find some. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in Crashlands, your next Crystalized Juice is always right around the corner.

Crashlands Guide How to find Crystallized Juice Juicemancy Patch

Crystallized Juice

With that in mind, there is something you can do to considerably speed up the process. Do you like explosions? Yeah? Great. I’d like to introduce you to my good friend: the bomb.

Flux can craft two types of bombs: the Harvest Bomb, which harvests resources by blowing them up, and the “Ow, that hurts!” Bomb, which deconstructs creatures by exploding in their face. Bombs make gathering Crystallized Juice and miscellaneous resources a walk in the blasting zone, so utilize them whenever possible.

Now, don’t you have a shipment to complete? Get out there and deliver those packages!

If you have any more tips and tricks for amassing large quantities of Crystallized Juice — or any questions about the newest Juicemancy patch — be sure to share them in the comments below! 

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