Crusader Kings 3 Preorder and Editions Guide

We break down what's available in each edition of Crusader Kings 3, and why it's probably a good idea to preorder the expansion pass.
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Crusader Kings 3 has been a long time coming. Grand strategy fans have dutifully played the amazing Crusader Kings 2 since 2012, and to date, that game has seen a whopping 71 DLC packs, including new portraits, music, and scenarios. To say its time for a new ruler to ascend the throne is quite the understatement. 

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Releasing on September 1, 2020, for PC, Crusader Kings 3 will be a more complete experience than CK2 at launch, according to Paradox Interactive. Though that potentially means less DLC than Crusader Kings 2, that doesn’t mean there won’t be expansions and other DLC packs for CK3 down the road. 

Read on to see what each edition of Crusader Kings 3 contains, as well as what additions can be expected after the game launches. We also break down how much the expansion pass and DLCs will be separately. 

Crusader Kings 3 Preorder and Editions Guide

Crusader Kings 3 Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Crusader Kings 3 comes with the base game and the Garments of the Holy Roman Empire preorder bonus. It will set you back $49.99 and is currently available on several storefronts, including the Paradox Store and Steam: 

Crusader Kings 3 Royal Edition

The CK3 Royal Edition comes with the base game and the Garments of the Holy Roman Empire preorder bonus, as well as the game’s expansion pass. It costs $74.99 and is available on: 

The expansion pass gives you access to three DLC packs and the Fashion of the Abbasid Court pack, which contains Middle Eastern and North African clothing sets. 

What’s in the Crusader Kings 3 Expansion Pass? How Much Does It Cost? 

As of this writing, Paradox hasn’t shared very little information about the content planned for the expansion pass. According to a blog post on the Paradox website, players can expect to receive: 

  • Two flavor packs
  • One major expansion

For those who do not pick up the Royal Edition of Crusader Kings 3, the expansion pass will be available on September 1. It will retail separately for $34.99

How Much are the Crusader Kings 3 Expansions and Flavor Packs? 

Of course, all of the Crusader Kings 3 expansions and flavor packs will be available for purchase separately when they release. According to Paradox, here’s what they will cost: 

  • Flavor packs: $6.99 each
  • Major expansions: $29.99 each
  • Garments of the Holy Roman Empire: $2.99
  • Fashion of the Abbasid Court: $2.99

As the developer points out, it’s far more cost-effective to purchase the Royal Edition of the game because it includes all of the above for a fraction of the cost. 

That’s it for our Crusader Kings 3 preorder and editions guide. For more on the upcoming grand strategy title, be sure to check out our hands-on impressions here

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