Customize your house in Neko Atsume via remodeling!

It's worth spending the Gold Fish on remodels in Neko Atsume if you want to customize your house.

It's worth spending the Gold Fish on remodels in Neko Atsume if you want to customize your house.

What’s there to be said about Neko Atsume remodels? Well, how about the fact they’re the only substantial way you get to customize your house and yard. That’s a big deal, especially if you want your cat collecting experience to be just right.

Remodeling your house and yard is part of progression in Neko Atsume but it doesn’t have a huge impact on your gameplay. Each remodel has the same amount of spots to place items and two food bowls, meaning none have advantages over others. The expansion, which you have to get before you can remodel your home, is what really brings some quality of life improvements with more item spots.

The one real gameplay benefit to remodeling comes from the fact item spots are in different locations for each remodel, which means you can have better and more customized photo opportunities with your cats. This may seem like a tiny benefit, but it’s a must for gung ho cat collectors!

So what’s up with remodels?

Remodels are pretty much the only way you can really customize your house and yard outside of items and each player has their own preferred house style. While they all do look different and have their item spots in different areas, they are very much the same in actual function.

There are currently six total house style options in Neko Atsume. The first is the classic style that you start with. 

When you first start out only half of the Classic Style is available. You have to first get the house expansion, which costs 180 Gold Fish and effectively doubles the amount of items you can place in your home, before you can remodel. 

After you’ve gotten the expansion you are able to finally buy your first remodel.. for a price!

The five buyable remodel options all cost 280 Gold Fish but your first remodel is only half price at 140 Gold Fish. Make sure you get the remodel you like most first! You don’t want to have to stare at a house you don’t like until you can save up 280 Gold Fish.

The Modern Style remodel very much fits its name, being of a more blocky, bold-colored modern art style of decor sure to please minimalists.

The Zen Style remodel is far more subdued and instead is styled after expensive traditional Japanese houses, making it one of the more relaxing remodel options.

The Sugary Style remodel is one of the more off-the-wall options. Your house is made of sweets, from the foundation and walls all the way up to the bushes around your house. Definitely one of the more unique remodels but not for everyone!

The Western Style remodel brings that wild west feel to Neko Atsume, complete with cacti, tumbleweed, and saloon decor! Oddly enough this is one of the more popular remodel options among Japanese players. Whodathunkit?

The Rustic Style remodel isn’t too far off from the Classic Style but Rustic is more of a Western-style home than Classic. The sure bet for anyone who wants their Neko Atsume house to be as close to their own real life home as it can get.

Two things to note about remodeling

The first is the fact Tubbs won’t go inside to eat your quality food. That’s right, that tubby feline won’t touch your hard-spent cat foods if you don’t put the expensive stuff outside. He’s lazy but this definitely works to your advantage.

The second is all cats will vacate your home when you remodel. Keep this in mind before you push the button to apply new decor, otherwise you could miss out on some hefty Gold Fish from rare cats.

That’s all there really is to know about Neko Atsume remodels. If you’d like general information on the game’s rare cats you can check out my Neko Atsume rare cats guide. Keep up the cat collecting, my fellow feline fans!

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