Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Best Builds Detailed

You can make some busted builds in Cyberpunk 2077 after the 2.0 update. Here are just four of the best.

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With the 2.0 update to Cyberpunk 2077, buildcrafting received a massive overhaul. While individual attributes still govern the same aspects of the game, the perk system has been reworked entirely. It’s now possible to make much more focused — and much more powerful — builds. More importantly, because the level cap is now 60, you can potentially max out three Attributes and still have a few points to spare. Here are the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077.

Best Builds in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0

Stealth Headshot Hacker

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Maybe because it’s my main setup going into the Phantom Liberty DLC, but the Headshot Hacker is one of the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0. It relies on the following pre-requisites. But first, you’ll want to fully investment in the Cool Attribute and focus on pistols, Stealth Damage, and stealth mobility.

I was able to clock more than 2,000 damage with a full stealth headshot from a Tier 5 (formerly Legendary) suppressed pistol, which one-shot even some boss-level mobs. Against actual bosses, if I was able to reenter stealth, that kind of damage chunked between 30-40% of their health bars.

  • A quality Pistol. I was maining the Pride Unique Pistol you get during The Sun ending. Rogue’s personal sidearm, the thing was an absolute monster at Tier 5 with a suppressor and a sight. That said, any Power Pistol with solid damage and range will do.
  • Optical Camo: This piece of cyberwar, found at most ripperdocs, was essential for two reasons. It allowed me to reposition. And with the right perks, it made enemies lose my position, allowing me to reenter stealth.
  • A full suite of combat Quickhacks. Even not fully invested in Intelligence, having plenty of Quickhacks at the ready made creating chaos even easier. I could disable one or two weaker enemies while I dealt with the bosses and elites. Speccing fully into hacking and stealth headshots undoubtedly makes you a hidden menace.

Shotgun Blademaster

Body, Reflexes, and a Sandevistan was already a powerful build combination before the 2.0 patch to Cyberpunk, and the update makes it even more so. There are a few reasons why this is one of the best builds in the game right now.

  • The reworked Reflexes skill trees turn you into an almost unhittable whirl of blades. And that’s even without the Sandevistan. With the improvements to dashing, the Mitigation chance when moving quickly, as well as the new Finishers mechanic, one katana can clear a room of 20 enemies on its own.
  • Shotguns also got a huge buff. A fully specced character can do more than 150% damage for every bullet in their weapon, all while taking essentially no damage through either mitigation or the bonuses gained from Reflexes. You can even get a small but solid chance to instantly kill any enemy you get to low health, bypassing any other resistance you might have.
  • Sandevistans are even more powerful. While you can’t have one active indefinitely (as they all have a maximum duration now), all of them come with build-boosting buffs on top of the slow-time effect. These effects can be anything from increased damage under certain conditions to lowering incoming damage.
  • The base Body perks are all about health restoration. So long as you aren’t taking damage, you can automatically recover health, even during combat. And since your goal with this build is to never take damage, you can be an immortal slaughterhouse.


Taking more than a few cues from the Edgerunners Anime, the Cyberpunk 2.0 update added a whole tree dedicated to becoming a cyberpsycho (at least temporarily). The Technical Ability Attribute now contains a whole tree dedicated to cyberwar, and there are a few reasons it’s valuable.

  • There’s now a limit to how much cyberware you can equip, one the Technical Ability stat raises. Modding into a more-machine-than-man state might be harder now, but doing so comes with some serious benefits. These include flat and essentially free damage bonuses, additional damage mitigation, and even a new state based on the Edgerunner skill tree capstone.
  • The Technical Ability Attribute also augments your healing capacity and grenade effectiveness. Specifically, it reduces your health item cooldown, increases how much your health item heals, and makes your grenades much more powerful while keeping them from harming you. And those are only three of more than a dozen bonuses to the second tree.
  • Tech Weapons are back on the menu. The third tree in Technical Ability adds some really cool effects to Tech Weapons, including the ability to hold their charge, some damage increases, and the new Bolt effect. Firing your Tech weapon just before it finishes charging makes it fire a Bolt round, much higher-powered shots that penetrate cover and, with the capstone, deal Electrical damage that chains to other nearby enemies.


Investing in Body, Reflexes, and Technical Ability allows you to use every gun type in the game to its maximum potential. For gunslingers, this is one of the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0.

  • Your Assault Rifles and SMGs will be effective at much longer ranges and will do more damage. Massive amounts of damage.
  • Your Precision weapons and Pistols can do massive headshot damage, whether you’re in Stealth or not.
  • Your Shotguns will be able to dismember and disembowel almost any enemy in the game.
  • Most importantly, you can also invest in each of the three stats’ additional benefits, from Bolt rounds to in-combat healing and movement bonuses.

Putting your eggs in these three baskets will also allow you to swap between playstyles on the fly, as you can easily refund all your Perk points and respec into blades, thrown weapons, or blunt objects at a stretch. The biggest issue will undoubtedly be having a loadout for each of your builds, but the possibilities are almost endless.

Those are our picks for four of the best builds in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0. These obviously aren’t the only good choices, and I highly recommend experimenting as you play. You get a single Attribute reset, so when you reach max level (or close to it), make a save file and respec to see if you like the direction you chose. If not, reload and try again. For more, check out our guides hub.

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