Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — How to Behavioral Imprint Aurore and Aymeric

Here's how to take the behavioral imprint of two netrunners in the You Know My Name mission.

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During the “You Know My Name” mission later on in the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty main story, you’ll need to take the behavioral imprint of a pair of netrunners to progress. It’s one of the tougher non-combat challenges in the DLC. As both are intelligent, if incredibly arrogant, you also have to be careful not to tip them off that you’re doing what you’re doing. Here’s how to behavioral imprint Aurore and Aymeric in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Behavioral Input Aurore and Aymeric in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

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The two netrunners in “You Know My Name” are Aurore and Aymeric. They may be brother and sister, but they’re very different people. Aurore is talkative, self-important, and sure of herself. Aymeric is quiet, observant, and quick to disagree with his sibling — but is also much more cautious. You’ll need to cater to these opposing personalities without revealing that you need their behavioral imprints and aren’t just playing roulette.

How to Get Aurore’s Behavioral Imprint: All Answers

Before you start trying to get behavioral imprints, I recommend buying 100,000 credits worth of chips just in case you make a few wrong bets.

Now, a few things to remember about Aurore.

  • She’s arrogant, sexually motivated, and believes herself the most intelligent person in the room.
  • She enjoys praise but also isn’t combative.
  • She responds well to a conversation that plays to her ego but not one that’s filled with flattery.
  • Anything that annoys her brother is amusing to her.
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Here are the responses that got me near a 100% behavioral imprint with Aurore.

  • Same as the lady (when asked what to drink).
  • Conscience ain’t spotless, that’s sure (after the comment about dirt beneath your fingernails).
  • Bet on red | Seems I interrupted something just now (first betting option).
  • Bet on black | You’re unique, stick out from the crowd (after Aurore asks about snooping).
  • Do not choose: Psychoanalysis – hobby of yours? Aurore takes issue with the force of V’s response. If you do choose it, select Conquere, that’s his mentality.
  • Charmin’ little show (after the siblings briefly chat in French).

How to Get Aymeric’s Behavioral Imprint: All Answers

At this point in Phantom Liberty, Aymeric enters the fray. A few things to remember about him:

  • He’s cautious, quiet, and looks for suspicious activity everywhere.
  • He’s pragmatic, looking at things from how they benefit him and those he’s discussing.
  • He’s analytical, driven not by emotion or vanity, but by the details in front of him.
  • He’s also not combative and doesn’t take kindly to being strong-armed or sneered at.

Here are the responses that got me near a 100% behavioral imprint with Aymeric:

  • Owning Dogtown’s one helluva bargaining tool (speaking of Hansen’s plans for the district)
  • Bet on red | Can tell you got somethin’ on the tip of your tongue (after Aymeric calls Hansen a businessman).

At this point, you go all in, betting every chip you have to finish the imprint. Your responses here either seal the deal or break it.

  • V, merc from the Afterlife (when Aymeric asks you to tell about yourself). This response got no additional imprint but didn’t end the conversation outright.
  • Bet on red.

I’m unsure if the final bet is fixed or not, but when I made my choice of red, Aurore was at 89% imprint and Aymeric at 82%. When the dealer called red, both shot to 100%. You’ll collect the pot, then Kurt Hansen will approach and threaten you rather professionally and send you and Reed packing from his hotel. It doesn’t matter, seeing as you got what you came for in the first place, and neither he nor the netrunners are any the wiser.

That’s how to behavioral imprint Aurore and Aymeric in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. With that, you can exit “You Know My Name” and the Black Sapphire alive with Reed and continue the campaign into the last few missions. For more on the expansion, check out our guides hub.

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