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Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Complete Moving Heat

If you're looking for yet another new vehicle in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, completing the Moving Heat quest will give you just that.

Another endgame quest in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty, Moving Heat is easier whether you go loud or sneak around. The rewards are actually much better than the risk you’ll take, and no matter how you tackle the mission, it’s quite the fun little romp. Don’t expect to spend more than 10 or 15 minutes finishing it, but when you’re done, you’ll probably have a nice pile of loot and a bigger new toy to use in Dogtown and Night City. Here’s how to complete Moving Heat in Phantom Liberty.

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How to Complete Moving Heat in Phantom Liberty

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Near the end, or just after the Phantom Liberty campaign, you’ll get a text from someone named Ashlay. They say they have a line on some new wheels. All you have to do is sneak into a highly secure facility, wipe the car’s memory banks, and drive it out. Then it’s yours. Easy, right? Depending on how you decide to handle the mission, it certainly can be.

Like many activities in Cyberpunk, you can go in quiet or guns/blades blazing. Ashlay asks that you be stealthy, and sneaking around is definitely the easier way to complete Moving Heat. After reaching the elevator in the back of the arena, you’ll head down. There you’ll find a guard and a security camera. Ashlay will deal with the first camera, but I recommend disabling or destroying any others with a suppressed weapon.

Head into the security room on the right. Take care of the guard there, then continue toward the back of this first room. There will be three more guards and two security cameras. Deal with them (or leave them be) however you like. Once they’ve been cleared, open the gate at the back of the room. I did the mission both quiet and loud, and it’s possible to go completely undetected during this first section whether you use a shotgun and Sandevistan or a silenced pistol.

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Now, here’s where things get fun. If you want to go stealthy, book your way into the back of the truck. You’ll need to be quick, as the enemies might detect you as you’re crossing the open parking lot. Once you’re in the back of the truck, wait until it comes to a complete stop. You can then jump out, get in the car you’re meant to steal, and slowly and carefully drive it out. When the soldier asks you to stop, do so, as you can’t get past the barrier until he finishes his scan.

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If you were stealthy, you can simply drive out of the complex after the scan clears, and the mission will complete. If you did raise the alarm, either in the first area or the main parking garage, you’ll need to fight your way to the car. There’ll be more than a dozen enemies of varying levels, several turrets, and at least one miniboss. You’ll still need to wipe the car’s memory, but to drive it out, you’ll need to stop several times to clear the way of additional enemies.

Also, don’t be like me and drive to the exit of the parking garage, then run out on foot. Doing so closes and locks the door behind you, making it impossible to get the car. I even checked my personal vehicle summon menu. The new ride wasn’t there.

The only hitch you’ll run into if you go against Ashlay’s wishes is, as soon as you leave the parking area, he’ll sic Dogtown’s authorities on you, putting you at an immediate four-star wanted level. In my playthrough, all I had to do to avoid the cops was turn right out of the garage and hide in an underpass. They gave up the search in about thirty seconds.

No matter how you get out of the garage, once you’re back on the dirt streets of Dogtown, you’ll officially complete the Moving Heat mission in Phantom Liberty. Your new car is one of the slicker ones you can get from a side mission. But it does have a big annoying logo on the side, which won’t suit everyone’s style. It handles nicely, though.

That’s how to complete Moving Heat in Phantom Liberty. For more Cyberpunk 2077 content from us, check out our guides on how to farm Tier 5 Components, get yourself a cute Nibbles the cat pet, and more in our guides hub.

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