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Dark and Darker: Best Wizard Build Guide

Wizard is a powerful magic class in Dark and Darker. Our guide will provide you with the best build for this class.

Wizard is the best magic class in Dark and Darker, capable of casting powerful spells and becoming totally invisible. If you don’t want to go Rogue for a stealth build, then making a strong spellcaster would be your top alternative. Our guide will provide you with the best Wizard build in Darker and Darker, including the optimal perks, skills, stats, armor, weapons, and spells.

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Best Wizard Build in Dark and Darker

Here’s a short list of everything you’ll need for this powerful build of the Wizard class:

Best Wizard Perks

Wizard perks should focus on improving the casting speed and power of your spells. This concerns both offensive and defensive magic, which is equally important for this class, which has the lowest HP in the game and is quite vulnerable to physical damage. I suggest the following perks for this build:

  • Arcane Mastery: Increases Magic Power by 5% for Arcane spells and reduces the casting time of Arcane spells by 1 second.
  • Ice Shield: Grants 20 bonus points to your Armor Rating and inflicts Frostbite on melee attackers.
  • Quick Chant: Increases Spell Casting Speed by 10%.
  • Reactive Shield: Absorbs 10 total points of both incoming Physical and Magical damage.

Best Wizard Skills

Your skills must support your perks and provide reliable spell restoration, as well as enough slots for learning new spells. I wouldn’t recommend pushing for 10 spell slots, as you rarely get the chance to cast so many, so go for 5 slots and let the other skill do the restoration. Here’s the list of skills you need:

  • Meditation: Restores your spell points at a rate of 34 points per second.
  • Spell Memory: Memorize 5 spells to use in the dungeon.

Best Wizard Stats

Just like the Bard class, the Wizard class is extremely vulnerable to almost all types of damage. This means that you absolutely need to invest your skill points into increasing your HP, Will, and Agility, as they’re the main skills that will save your character’s life when needed. I suggest the following stat point distribution for this class:

  • Strength: 5
  • Agility: 20
  • Will: 33
  • Knowledge: 12
  • Resourcefulness: 5
  • Health: 75
  • Weight Limit: 0
  • Spell Memory: 12
  • Utility Effectiveness: 0

Best Wizard Gear and Weapons

Your armor must maintain solid protection from both physical and magical damage while also supporting your Agility. You can be less restrictive when it comes to your gear, so feel free to change whatever items you wish:

  • Head: Wizard Hat
  • Chest: Frock
  • Legs: Loose Trousers
  • Hands: Leather Gloves
  • Feet: Lightfoot Boots
  • Jewelry: Rat Pendant, Ring of Courage, Ring of Resolve

As for your weapons, both should help you cast more spells, but having a physical melee weapon wouldn’t hurt either. The two best weapons I can think of for this build are:

  • Crystal Ball: A simple one-handed magic weapon increases your Spell Casting Damage by 25%, although your casting time and speed of movement will suffer a bit. This weapon typically drops from Skeleton Mages, Demon Dogs, and Ghost King elites. Alternatively, you could use a Magic Wand with similar characteristics.
  • Crystal Sword: This two-handed magic sword is so much more powerful than the Crystall Ball. It has a similar Spell Casting Damage bonus as Crystal Ball, plus a 100% Thrust and Slash physical damage combo. You’ll find it as a drop from Demon Bats, Lava Monsters, and Lich elites.

Best Wizard Spells

If you’ve chosen the Memory Spell skill, then you can learn five spells, which should be carefully selected in the following manner: 3 offensive spells and 2 defensive spells. Here are my picks for the best Wizard spells:

  • Fireball: Shoots a fireball that deals 30 Magical damage and 10 Splash Magical damage, knocking down all nearby enemies.
  • Haste: Grants a 12% Action Speed and Move Speed bonus.
  • Invisibility: Become invisible and gain 5% Move Speed bonus.
  • Magic Missile: Shoots 10 homing missiles that deal 12 Magical damage.
  • Zap: Deals 20 Magical damage and burns the target.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Wizard build in Dark and Darker. Stay tuned for more Dark and Darker guides on our dedicated tips page.

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