Dark and Darker Alpha Playtest 5 is live despite all odds. Here's how to hop in.

Dark and Darker: How to Join Live Alpha Playtest 5

Dark and Darker Alpha Playtest 5 is live despite all odds. Here's how to hop in.

Despite all odds, the Dark and Darker Alpha 5 Playtest is live. And you may be wondering how to join and play. Despite the looming legal threat hanging over developer Ironmace and Dark and Darker being completely removed from Steam, the developer continues to push forward with playtesting, albeit by its own rules.

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A message from the developers rippled through the game’s community Discord earlier today, announcing that the next playtest wasn’t just around the corner: that it was live, provided you’ve got the download link.

How to Get into Dark and Darker Alpha Playtest 5

As the game is no longer available on Steam and is facing legal troubles from Nexon in the United States and South Korea alike, Ironmace has had to take an alternate route to running the next playtest.

If you want to dive into it, you’ll have to hop into the official Dark and Darker Discord server to download the game via torrent.

In the announcement, Ironmace warns not to download the game via other sources as they can’t guarantee the integrity of other download links. This is a valid warning, and if you do want to get in on the fifth playtest for Dark and Darker, your best bet is to go ahead and torrent it using the magnet link they provide.

The announcement with the magnet link is found in the Discord server‘s announcements channel.

This certainly isn’t the most glorious way for Ironmace to bring the next playtest to the game’s community, but it’s certainly better than nothing. How their legal battle with Nexon will play out is anyone’s guess, but the developer is doing what they can to keep pushing forward. If you need some refreshers on the ins and outs of the multiplayer dungeon crawler, check out some of our Dark and Darker guides.

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