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Darkest Dungeon 2 — Jester Chapter 4 Guide

Struggling to play some melodies in Jester's Hero Story? We're here to help.

The Jester’s backstory in Darkest Dungeon 2 doesn’t get easier as it goes along, with Chapter 4 being difficult to complete. Still revolving around music, A Dark Song pits you against the music. Here’s how to complete Jester Chapter 4 A Dark Song in DD2.

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How to Complete A Dark Song

To complete A Dark Song, you need to play three melodies. The hard part is how to get the Melody skill to appear. The only hint we are given is when a note is in the correct location, a tuning fork token stating that will pop up. You need to mirror the enemy notes’ locations on your side before you can play a Melody.

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To achieve this, you’ll need to utilize the various music skills to change the notes and move Jester around. The two movement skills only add +1 Stress, while changing a note adds +2 Stress. Jester acts as a wild card, becoming whatever note is needed for that rank.

The first set is relatively easy to complete just by changing the notes, but the next two sets are much trickier. Like other Hero Shrine story segments, if the character hits max Stress the combat ends in failure.

Once you have all the notes in the correct position, the Melody skill will pop up. Using this will deathblow all the enemy notes and cause a new set to appear. Repeat the process on the 2nd and 3rd sets to complete the challenge. Utilize movement skills to reduce the chance that you’ll gain full Stress to complete these sets.

A Dark Song Rewards

For completing Chapter 4 of the Jester’s story, you’ll gain two new skills. Encore causes the Jester to become Dazed and Weak, but grants the target of the skill another action that round. Solo gives Jester Dodge x2, Speed, and moves him forward three positions. It’ll mark the target as well as do damage.

That’s all you need to know about completing Chapter 4 of the Jester’s Hero story, A Dark Song. For more help in Darkest Dungeon 2, check out the rest of our guides.

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