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Darktide: What Does Coherency Mean?

Coherency shouldn't be a mystery since it's so integral to Darktide's teamplay.

Many of Darktide‘s mechanics and intricacies aren’t laid out that well, Coherency being one of them. It’s always been important, and the new talent trees added with Patch #13 make them even more invaluable. A number of talents increase the buffs it provides. But what good does it do if you don’t know what it is? We’ll talk briefly about what Coherency means in Darktide in this guide.

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What Does Coherency Mean in Darktide?

All us Rejects have seen the word “Coherency,” but no one would blame you if you admitted you didn’t know what it was. It’s the prime mechanic that encourages teamplay, and there’s no going back once you know what it means.

Coherency is an area of about five meters around your character, in which allies within that range gain an increase in Toughness Regeneration Speed. Some talents give increased benefits to allies within Coherency, such as the Ogryn’s Coward Culling. That grants +20% damage against suppressed enemies for both you and allies within Coherency. They can also spec into increased Coherency range and even more effects.

This mechanic ensures that you’re most optimal when near the other players on your team. It should, in theory, encourage them to stick near each other or you. Though we all know this rarely works out in pubs, it’s a mandatory and perpetual consideration when playing on Damnation. You’ll need every advantage you can get to succeed on Damnation difficulty regularly, minding Coherency is a pretty big one.

With that, you now know what Coherency is in Darktide. Like many others, it’s not the easiest mechanic/stat to figure out in-game. It’s such an important piece of the puzzle and is featured in so many talent builds, though, that you should know what it is to help get by even on lower difficulties. Look for more Darktide guides here on GameSkinny.

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