Having trouble finding Pungent Hides in Dauntless? The problem might be on the development side.

Dauntless Guide: How to Get Pungent Hides

Having trouble finding Pungent Hides in Dauntless? The problem might be on the development side.

Dauntless is an upcoming free-to-play ARPG that takes cues from games like Monster Hunter, Dark Souls and even World of Warcraft. Created by former developers from Riot Games, this co-op action title will pit players against monumental quests and formidable creatures. 

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Some of these creatures, Behemoths in particular, will drop materials that you can collect and use for crafting or upgrades. The Pungent Hide is one such material, and it has a chance to drop from a Behemoth that you slay in the Ionian Rise. But some players seem to be having difficulties acquiring this piece of loot — even though it’s listed as a common drop on the official Dauntless wiki page.

What’s the deal? In this short Dauntless guide, we’ll give you the rundown on where you can acquire Pungent Hide, and why it may not be dropping for you when it should. 

Looting Pungent Hides in Dauntless

Pungent Hide drops from a few of the currently available Behemoths. According to Reddit user CalmAppleSnake, the following Behemoths can drop them without targeting a specific part of their body:

  • Charrog
  • Ragetail Gnasher
  • Moonreaver Shrike
  • Deadeye Quillshot
  • Drask
  • Embermane
  • Stormclaw

But lots of players have reported slaying this monsters without ever being able to acquire Pungent Hide. And it looks like this might be an inherent issue with the game itself that the developers will have to fix. Discussions on the game’s subreddit suggest that it is a buggy drop, which  will hopefully be patched in a future update.

So if it hasn’t dropped for you yet, just keep persevering and grinding kills on the monsters above, and hopefully the wonky RNG will eventually be kind to you.

That wraps up this guide! Unfortunately, as is the case with most games in an early access phase, this issue is on the development side and players will have to wait for a fix. But until then, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Dauntless guides!

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