Dave the Diver: How to Tranquilize Sharks

When the tranquilizer pistol doesn't work, use a bigger weapon. Here's how to tranquilize sharks in Dave the Diver.

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While playing Dave the Diver, you’ve probably noticed that the regular Hush Dart is ineffective in putting sharks to sleep. The trick is that you’ll either need a very late-game upgrade for it, or you can simply use a stronger weapon in the early to mid-game. Here, we’ll go into the details and show you how to tranquilize sharks in Dave the Diver.

How to Tranquilize Sharks in Dave the Diver

Sharks are much larger than normal fish, and your starting Tranquilizer Gun (Hush Dart) simply can’t put them to sleep at its current level. Fear not! There are many ways to tranquilize sharks in Dave the Diver.

The two most straightforward early-game methods to tranquilize sharks are:

  • Tranquilizer Rifle: The Tranquilizer Rifle is acquired via Duff’s weapon shop. This is an upgraded version of the basic Underwater Rifle requiring 3 Cuttlefish Skin Fragments, 15 Fragments, and 200 Gold. It has a starting 40% chance to tranquilize sharks and other fish, and this increases to 60% as you upgrade it.
  • Sleepy Toy Hammer: Found randomly from supply crates. A simple boop on a shark’s head has a chance to tranquilize it immediately. Just make sure not to boop the shark again, as this will wake them up.

Tranquilizing sharks is the best method to get 3-star variants. With that in mind, there are more tools you can use to put sharks to sleep.

Additional Ways to Tranquilize Sharks in Dave the Diver

You can also upgrade your Hush Dart later in the game to a Modified Hush Dart, which can put large fish to sleep with two consecutive shorts. You will need the following:

  • 1 Enhanced Hush Dart II
  • 1 Coral Orb
  • 3 Vampire Squid Tentacle
  • 20 Topaz
  • 3,400 Gold

What’s more, almost all weapons can be upgraded with the Tranquilizer attachment using Cuttlefish Skin Fragments. This gives them the chance to tranquilize sharks, similar to the rifle.

Examples include:

  • Tranquilizer Triple Axel
  • Tranquilizer Sniper Rifle
  • Tranquilizer Harpoon

Whatever method you use, you’ll need the Drone to carry them to the surface. This is unlocked during the Tuna Party event.

That’s how to tranquilize sharks in Dave the Diver. To summarize, the Tranquilizer Rifle and the random Sleepy Hammer are your best bets in the early game. As you progress and upgrade weapons, you unlock more options with the Tranquilizer attachment. We hope this has helped you in your diving journey, and if you want more guides, check out our Dave the Diver guides hub.

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