Dave the Diver Operator Codes List

Unlock exclusive rewards by following our guide on the Operator codes in Dave the Diver.

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Did you know that you could call an Operator in Dave the Diver, enter special promotion codes, and receive some exclusive items? Usually, you get some nice skins or souvenirs for your restaurant, but nothing extraordinary. If you’re still interested, then follow our guide for a list of Operator codes in Dave the Diver — at least the ones that have been discovered up to this point.

Operator Codes List in Dave the Diver

You can seek out operator codes in-game, as they’re hidden in the murals, stones, and tablets scattered around various underwater regions. They’re hard to spot, but they do grant unique cosmetics, including some for the boat, farm and restaurant.

Once you come across an Operator code, you need to take out your phone:

  • Go to “Call” tab.
  • Select “Operator” option.
  • Select “Claim Reward” when asked “What Can I Help You With Today?”
  • Enter the promotion code.

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At this stage, there are five Operator codes that you can use to claim your rewards. It’s very likely the developers will add more with coming updates. I’ve listed them all below:

  • SEABLUEFOREVER — Unlocks a new Sea Blue skin for your boat.
  • 4TWRS — Unlocks a Manbo Air poster for your restaurant’s decoration.
  • GREATKINGLONG — Unlocks the statue of King Long.
  • EASTEREGG — Unlocks the Weathercock for the chicken coop.
  • SEAPEOPLE — Unlocks the statue of the Sea People.

There’s probably much more, so be sure to keep looking, especially in smaller caves and in the deeper regions such as the Glacial Passage. You never know what other secret promotion codes you can find there.

That’s it for our list of Operator codes in Dave the Diver. Stay tuned for more DtD tips and tricks articles right here.

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