Dave the Diver: Should You Enhance Dishes to Upgrade Them?

Here's an answer to whether you should enhance dishes to upgrade them in Dave the Diver or not.

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Unlocking new dish recipes through research is a great way to make money long term in Dave the Diver. But there’s also an option to enhance dishes, thus upgrading their taste and increasing their monetary value. However, this is a very time-consuming process, so the question remains: Should you enhance dishes to upgrade them in Dave the Diver? Our guide will try to answer that question.

Should You Enhance Dishes to Upgrade Them in Dave the Diver?

You can enhance all recipes that you unlock, but this requires grinding for the extra ingredients that will make your recipes better. As a result of such enhancements, the dishes become tastier for your customers, and they get happier. They’re willing to pay more money for these enhanced dishes.

But is the price tag for such recipes worthy of the time you spend on gathering all the extra resources? The answer is not a definite no, but it’s more efficient to save that extra fish for later recipes.

Some of the late-game recipes may cost much more money than the enhanced dishes early on, so I’d recommend saving those for later. That way, you don’t waste time grinding and you’ll still make money further into the future. Also, note that enhancing becomes more and more tedious with time and requires even more resources.

If you’re diving every day and picking up little pots with fish ingredients, I say you should enhance and upgrade some dishes. But again, I wouldn’t spend all my time and energy on doing so, as future recipes will provide similar or even better monetary rewards.

Hopefully, our guide answered your question whether you should enhance dishes to upgrade them in Dave the Diver or not. Stay tuned for more DtD tips and tricks articles right here.

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