Aestri Yazar and Baermar Uraz in Dead by Daylight.
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DbD Aestri Yazar Build Guide: How to Play and Counter the Survivor

Here's a DbD Aestri Tazar build guide, so you know how to play and counter the game's newest Survivor!

Aestri Yazar and Baermar Uraz, also called The Troupe, are collectively the 42nd Survivor to enter The Fog in Dead by Daylight. Their Dungeons & Dragons-inspired character build can lead to some fantastic moments during a match set to the soundtrack of the Lute. However, knowing how to use her most popular skill, Bardic Inspiration, in a build and how to counter it can be tricky. Here’s a DbD Aestri Yazar build guide to teach you how to play and counter the game’s newest Survivor.

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The Best Perks for Aestri Yazar in Dead by Daylight

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This guide will focus on the two Aestri builds in Dead by Daylight that are repair-focused, with a focus on Bardic Inspiration and synergy from other perks, leading to insane generator repair times.

Build #1 – Great Skill Check Focused

This build is most effective for players skilled at achieving Great Skill check passes when repairing generators, which is essential to making this build work. While the perks below have some built-in protection, you’ll still want to hit as many as possible.

Here are the perks you want to take for this build:

  • Bardic Inspiration: A perk that fosters teamwork, it provides a buff to all Survivors within 16 meters of you, enhancing the generator repair progress given when passing Skill Checks based on your d20 roll.
  • Deja Vu: You see the auras of three generators that are closest to one another. You also gain a 6% repair speed bonus on those revealed generators.
  • Hyperfocus: After you hit an excellent Skill Check while repairing or healing, you will gain one token (up to 6). For each token, you’ll increase your chance of getting a Skill Check, the Skill Check cursor speed by 4, and the bonus progression for getting Great Skill Checks.
  • Stakeout: Gain tokens when being in the Killer’s terror radius. Each token will turn a Good Skill Check into a Great Skill Check and progress the generator by an additional bonus.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll finish repairing a generator due to all the bonus progression you’ll get by all of the Great Skill Checks.

Build #2 – Toolbox Focused

However, if you hate worrying about hitting Great Skill checks all the time, there is another Perk combo that you can use with Bardic Inspiration. It focuses on using a 32-charge toolbox.

Here are the perks you want to use with this build:

  • Bardic Inspiration: This buff still works well with the toolbox, and you can give it to other Survivors, making it worth taking.
  • Streetwise: Increases the efficiency of your items by a certain percentage.
  • Built to Last: When you hide in a locker, you can recover up to 99% of item charges (you’ll get fewer charges each time you use the locker).
  • Prove Thyself: Increases Survivors’ repair speed by a certain percentage based on every other Survivor repairing a generator within 4 meters of you.

With this build, you won’t get as much bonus progression, but your toolbox will last forever, and you’ll be able to finish repairing multiple generators quickly. In addition, the last perk is really interchangeable with whatever your favorite Exhaustion perk is. I put Prove Thyself as it only helps to repair generators faster but isn’t 100% necessary.

How to Counter Aestri Yazar in Dead by Daylight

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Since the above builds only use one of her Perks, Bardic Inspiration, and why most players will pick her, it is essential to understand how to counter it. The most important way to counter Bardic Inspiration is to use any Perks that make performing skill checks harder, like Huntress Lullaby, Distressing, Overcharge, and Unnerving Presence, to name a few.

If you can’t use those Perks, then use ones that let you block generators from being repaired, like Thrilling Tremors, until the buff from Bardic Inspiration wears off. Otherwise, don’t focus too hard on any one survivor and rotate properly to prevent Survivors from completing generators.

Now that you’ve used our DbD Aestri Yazar build guide, you’ll know how to play and counter the Survivor. Check out our Dead by Daylight hub for more guides like the DbD Vecna Build and Counter Guide, so you can see exactly how Aestri’s counterpart works.

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