Forget the sexy nurse archetype -- this lady is all business, and her business is slicing survivors apart!

Dead By Daylight PS4 Guide: Playing The Nurse

Forget the sexy nurse archetype -- this lady is all business, and her business is slicing survivors apart!

The roster of killers in Dead By Daylight — now out on the PS4 and Xbox One after a lengthy wait for console fans — includes many archetypal slashers, from the hillbilly with a chainsaw to the angel of death patrolling a hospital’s hallways.

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The Nurse is the game’s first female killer, originally introduced in the “Last Breath” DLC for the PC edition and now available as the game finally hits the PlayStation 4.

Sally Smithson was driven to madness after witnessing horrific acts of barbarism and inhumanity working for decades in an asylum, and now you can put yourself in her shoes to kill a few unworthy survivors intruding in her domain.

 Starting a match as the Nurse

Spencer’s Last Breath in Dead By Daylight

The Nurse has two main abilities: an attack with a bone saw that knocks survivors down, and a quick movement ability called Spencer’s Last Breath. Much like with the Hag, this blinking ability is essentially teleportation and it was more than a little controversial when first introduced into the game.

This is actually your most powerful “weapon,” and mastering teleportation will take you from an ineffectual killer to an absolute powerhouse. And the Nurse has slower movement than other killers, making teleportation critical.

The key here is to practice teleporting until you have a solid grasp of the distance moved. You can go straight through most solid objects, but if the object is at the outer range of your blink distance, you’ll appear in front of it instead.

After learning the range, next you need to pay attention to how survivors move so you can predict where they will be when you blink. Wood pallets, for instance, aren’t an obstacle because you can blink right over them and directly onto the survivor.

In fact, blinking just *before* the survivor starts the pallet moving animation is really the best practice, as you can grab them just as its finishing. The same goes for a survivor jumping through a window when you can teleport across and be waiting for them on the other side.

 This survivor is going to drop a pallet — out think her by blinking through first!

Dead By Daylight Teleportation Tips

When a survivor is headed toward a door, pay attention to the direction they are running since you can just teleport through the wall in front of the fleeing victim.

Staying near generators can also be useful since you can blink directly to the player as soon as they turn it on and get an instant hit while they are trying to make the repair.

There’s a careful back and forth game to learn here — some of the more experienced players know the Nurse’s tricks and will immediately turn around and run away if they think you are going to blink onto them. If you’ve got a canny player like this, it all becomes a game of predicting the predictor and faking out the survivor.

After teleporting, there is a very brief window where you can either attack or teleport again, otherwise you will be unable to do either during a cool down period. You can use this brief window to chain together blinks. Chaining three blinks together and then landing directly on a survivor to grab them unlocks the From The Void She Kills trophy.

Because you move slower than other killers, but can cover such a long distance with teleporting, it can be a better idea to leave a survivor on the ground (rather than rushing toward a hook) to chase after another nearby survivor first. You’ll end up causing more chaos and very likely get any hiding survivors to run out in the open.

If there aren’t any others clearly nearby, however, be sure to set a downed suvivor on hooks as bait. Teleporting straight to a hook while some dumb altruist tries to save a friend is an excellent way to get two kills at once.

 Teleporting towards a hooked survivor 

Nurse Perks

Using perks like Sloppy Butcher and Bloodhound can make it much simpler to track down survivors as the Nurse. In general, anything that increases your senses or ability to find a survivor is something you want to couple with teleporting in DBD.

Besides the standard perks, these three perks are unique to the Nurse until she teaches them at higher levels to the other killers:

  • Stridor — You are acutely sensitive to the breathing of your prey. The breathing of Survivors in pain is louder. If you have decent headphones on, this makes it a breeze to locate and teleport to survivors.
  • Thanatophobia — All survivors receive penalties to repair, healing, and sabotage speeds for each injured, dying, or hooked survivor. In other words, hurt a few and everyone takes big penalties.
  • A Nurse’s Calling — As a side effect of your years of nursing, the auras of survivors who are healing or are being healed are revealed to you. This is incredibly useful in creating a beacon to know where to blink.

More Ways To Kill

Those are all the basics you need to know to effectively kill all the survivors as the Nurse! Want to try out a different killer or figure out how to stay alive as a puny victim? Check out our other Dead By Daylight guides here:

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